To multi-task and to use much of their actual brain than males, women tend to sleep more than men.


Sleep is a norm of science. You might have come across couples who debate over who gets more sleep. Well, it’s a common problem in most of the household. Ladies!! Have you ever noticed that a night spent tossing and turning gives you a hard time the next day than your man? Well, it is simply not in your head!! Scientists say that your short on zzzs can make you suffer both physically and emotionally. Studies have confirmed that women need more sleep than men. But why is it so? Dr. Jim Horne, a leading expert in sleep science of Britain, published in the Daily Mail that a lady at your home requires a sleep of more than twenty minutes than you. To multi-task and to use much of their actual brain than males, women tend to sleep more than men. Essentially, the more you utilize your brain during daytime for household chores and daily job, the more rest it needs while you are deep in sleep.

Women’s brains are complex and are wired differently than men. They tend to work harder than their counterparts. They multitask and are much more flexible. The main function of sleep is to recover and repair the brain. In addition, Also, during fast sleep, the cortex- a brain’s part that is responsible for language, thought, and memory detach from senses and moves into the mode of recovery.

Scientists claim that women suffer million times greater than men-both mentally and physically if they skimp on their sleep routine. In addition, Also, the risk of depression, heart disease, and other psychological problems are at peak in sleep-deprived ladies. Furthermore, extra clotting factors in blood, and higher inflammation markers are greater in women who sleep less at night. It has also been found that early in the morning, ladies are susceptible to anger and hostility effects.

So, next time whenever your lady wakes up grumpy, do not get angry on her. It’s apparently natural. More often, if you notice that she suffers from poor sleep quality; it’s time to help her set a routine. We have put together some proven ways to improve her sleep quality:

Ignore The Stimulating Food:
Stimulants in food like sugar, theobromine, and caffeine should be avoided by all means. The stimulants can disturb her sleeping routine.

Follow A Routine: By setting a sleep routine, it becomes easier for the brain to understand when to relax. This improves the sleeping pattern of your lady love.

Melatonin: Make it her habit to take 1-3 mg of melatonin an hour before she go to bed.

Yoga: Make her practice some yoga steps and as it prepares her body and mind to sleep peacefully.

Meditation: Women fail to fall asleep at time because their brain does not stop functioning. By Medidating on regular basis assists her brain to settle and get relaxed.

So, husbands!! As now you are aware of the reasons, don’t bang your head on her when she wakes up late. Allow her brain to recover peacefully as she multitasks all day to complete the chores.