Be it the classroom, library, café, bedroom or basketball court; most teenagers can be seen pressing buttons on their phones like a robot! It is really a sad sight to see these young adults completely hooked to their phones and gadgets and how they are wasting their precious time straining their eyes. Although, there is no denying the fact that technology has made our life much simpler but it has added to the complications as well. At a time when kids are supposed to play in the outdoors and enjoy the sun; they are busy playing games on their iPads and smart phones. These gadgets are actually mesmerizing and once you start to search for something, you just go on and on till a few hours pass away just like that. Learning new stuff has become much easier with larger than life examples and pictures but it has taken away the physical activities of the children. They socialize more via their phones and apps, rather than meeting friends in person. It is not surprising to know that even most adults are addicted to phones. Not only does it affect their health adversely but also creates an unhealthy lifestyle. They have altered our interpersonal relationships and the way we handle situations.
Parents are the most concerned about their teenage kids and they really have a hard time convincing them to let go off the gadgets. Well, here are a few ways parents can help their teen kids get de-addicted from technology:

Talk to your teenage kids Talk to your teenaged children more often and spend more time with them. Play with them, take them out and encourage them to meet friends more often.

Set boundaries Set a time limit for the use of gadgets. One can make some rules as per the schedule of the house such as watching TV and playing games on laptop/iPad should only be limited to a maximum of 2 hours a day.

Inform your children about the consequences Parents must tell their children about the harmful effects of technology on their health and safety. Our eyes and focus gets affected adversely and also using cellular phones while driving can cause fatal accidents and mishaps.

Make your children watch high quality educative media You cannot stop children from watching TV but you can certainly filter the content they watch. Do some homework and suggest high quality educative programmes and documentaries that might be of interest to your child.

Be a role model As a parent, you would need to display the same behavior as you expect of your child. You would need to be a role model for your teenager child so that he/she can learn self-control from you.

Keep gadgets away/off at certain times You can advise your teens to keep gadgets away/off during certain times of the day such as meal times and play time. This will help to strengthen the parent-child bond as you spend quality time together.

Our little advice will definitely help to decrease the use of technology in your teens’ life but in case you require more help, you can get in touch with an expert such as a teen counselor for more tips.