It takes two to tango! So if there is coldness in your relationship, both the partners are equally responsible for the thrift. It is a very common phenomenon for couples to get in to small quarrels and fights in their day-to-day life. If they can talk about it and finish it off; nothing like it but if they hold grudges against each other and let it build, then there is a big reason to worry.

So how do you know that your partner is being truthful or not? How do you if your partner is venting out his/her emotions or making them build a wall between both of you? Well, here is a very simple way to find out.
Picture this – You fight with your partner over some petty or large issues and there is yelling and shouting. You put some allegations and he/she puts some. There are some tearful scenes and a little bit of name calling. This goes on for a while and then both of you calm down. In the end you reach a consensus and decide upon a few things that need to be changed at both ends. Both of you admit your faults and the matter is sorted.
This might seem to be a very intense scene but this is perfectly alright. If you’ve emptied your heart of all the ill thoughts, then there is nothing wrong between you two. Even if it took you about a couple of hours to become normal, it is completely worth it. After all, it can’t always be a bed of roses. Just as each day cannot be the same, an individual cannot be in the same mood every day. In fact, a person’s mood can change as frequently as a baby changes his diaper. So a couple cannot talk to each other in flowery language all the time. Not only is it next to impossible; it would be outright irritating for the other person too!
Now let’s take a look at the second scenario: You and your partner get in to a fight but your partner ignores whatever you’re telling him. He/she doesn’t pay any heed to anything that you’re saying nor does he/she get offended by it. You might not sense anything but it definitely is irritating. Now is the time to ponder. If both of you do not talk to each other or show anger at each other then you’re definitely building a stone wall and all the grudges are getting accumulated. This really is a bad sign. If you really care about each other and this relationship matters to you then you ought to talk it out.
The most important mantra of a successful relationship is to communicate. The more you talk, the more you understand each other and the more you are able to accept each other. You must accept your partner with his/her imperfections since everyone has some weak points. All right, some habits can be changed but don’t push it. You can talk about this politely but don’t let it come between you!