When you have crush on someone, and you think they might like you too, but you’re not confident, it’s not always perfect way to put your hand over your heart and tell them how you feel straight away. But there are always ways to drop hints and open the door of your heart for them, so that if they are fascinated, they’re more likely to start showing it.

Lots of guys when meet a pretty girl they start immediately talking themselves out of approaching her. After that initial thought of “Damn, Who’s that girl?” he’ll begin to come up with excuses that stop him from simply walking up, saying hello, and getting to know her.

He might instantly get many thoughts in mind like “she’s probably got a boyfriend”, “she’s seems little arrogant” or “she’s totally out of my league”.

However, with little patience and right approach talking with a stranger can be done easily and persuasively.

Just Ask a Favour

Filmy tips not always workout for you rather than “investing all your efforts”, let the other person to do a little first for you. Request them to do something for you. This could even be little request like, “could you pass me a plate”? Or, “could you guard my stuff for a minute while I get a juice”? Frankly, any small request will do the trick. It really helps you to know how that person reacts while doing it for you.

Raise Questions And Judge Them On Basis Of It

Most tactics go wrong because the individual is trying to impress other. They are trying to “receive” the other person attention, or affection. Basically, they are opening themselves up to “being judged” rather than evaluating the other person.

So, Initiate by judging them instead! Ask them a question about their view towards life and true relationship. Ask them something that will qualify them as a right partner and see whether they pass or fail.

Use Touch Technique to Create Intimacy

Of course, you can’t grip someone and kiss them without their consent. However, casual touching in between a conversation can assist to create intimacy. For example, you could touch her shoulder as you compliment her dress, or you can just say “This dress looks nice on you.” It will give her an indication that you like her.

People Love To Hear Sound of Their Names

Try to use her name in conversation. Don’t overuse it, but saying it twice can help form a sense of intimacy. It shows that you cared enough to memorize it. For example, you could say, “Nice to see you, Samantha.” or “What do you say about the ambience of this restaurant, Samantha?”

Showing Care to Someone Always Workout

Offer her a seat whether you are in public vehicle or at pub or bar. Do notice if their glass is empty, then always offer to fill it up or get them another. Try to make eye contact and pass smile whether you are at distance or closer. You can offer to hold their bag, cup or coat.

Make Her Realize That She Is the Only Person in your Life

Try to remember small things or activities they like. Presenting big gifts not always workout you can present small articles which they fond of like chocolates, roses, bangles, bracelet with name, key ring, photo collage etc. Compliment on something you see interesting in them. Show friendly nature with their friends too.

Always show your true side, never try to impress anyone with false promises as it will help you to keep healthy and long relationships. Approach with confidence and positive attitude without thinking much about acceptance or rejection. Just go for it, your true love might be waiting for your initiative.