The festive season is on and get together with friends and family is a frequent phenomenon. Diwali is just over, and the winter celebrations have just begun. Christmas and New Year party are just a month away, and people are planning to go overboard especially when they drink. During peak party season we eat, dance and party but the mood spoiler begin in the next morning. The hangover is one thing that nobody wants to feel the next day. Yeah, we know that no warning will stop you from partying hard, but these remedies will surely escape you from a hangover.

Replenish Your Body With Water

We will start discussing the solution with the little chemistry lesson. Alcohol dehydrates the body, which means it drains the liquid out of the body. So, rehydrating the body should be the first thing to try in the Hangover. Just five glasses of water after the party will escape you from the inevitable hangover.

Try Fresh Fruits

Fresh fruit salad is the best remedy for getting over with the hangover. Make a fruit salad by adding yogurt and treat yourself with tasty delight. These fruits contain minerals, which get drained away with the alcohol intake.


Lemonade is probably the first searched remedy of a hangover. The citric acid in the lemon reacts with the alcohol and neutralizes its effect. Add a pinch of salt while making the lemonade. This drink will effectively save you from a hangover.

Coconut Water

Coconut water is another drink that can save you from a hangover. It contains a lot of minerals that vitalise the body and helps in getting rid of the effects of the hangover.

The Don’ts For A Booze Party

We have discussed the remedies of the hangover, but there are some precautions that one should take while consuming alcohol. By following them, one can avoid hangover like situation.

Don’t Drink Empty Stomach

Never drink alcohol empty stomach as it dehydrates the body, even faster and the chances of getting an irritating hangover increases.

Drink White Liquor

If you have a choice, then always go for a clear drink like Vodka, Gin, White Wine or White rum. It is believed that Whiskey, Rum, etc. brownish alcohols have congeners that supposedly causes a headache.

Avoid Sweet Snacks

Never eat sweet or sugary substance with alcohol; it increases the possibility of getting a hangover. Biscuits, pastry, cakes, etc. are strict no for a booze party.

Avoid Mixing Carbonated Drink With Alcohol

Don’t drink alcohol with the carbonated drink as it increases the absorption of alcohol and thus causes dehydration. Always mix water with liquor, as it lowers the chances of dehydration.

So folks! Enjoy your booze party this festive season and try these remedies and precautions to avoid the hangover. Guys! One more thing, don’t drink and drive. A drunken driver can cause harm to himself and others too. Be a responsible adult and responsible citizen as well. Happy Partying!!