Welcome to the world of wellness! And when it comes to fitness, no wonder the first thought or the images that race through our mind are the celebrities. They are the perfect examples of how a good diet and right exercise regime can make you look young, attractive and healthy. And deep inside our heart, we wish to have a figure or physique like them. These celebrities are the inspirations for most of us and we often wonder what is it that they eat, what is it that they do which make them look years younger than their actual age. There is definitely no better luxury than having a young and fit body and a healthy mind.

Let’s have a look at some of the fitness regime of the famous celebrities:

Deepika Padukone

Deepika doesn’t believe in just being slim, rather she believes in having a healthy body. Her mantra is “Make fitness a way of life”. Her workout encompasses cardio, pilates, and weight training. She also indulges in yoga. Surya Namaskar and asanas like warrior pose, cat stretch, and shoulder stands are her favorites. She also takes interest in meditation and dance for relaxation. She also enjoys swimming, running, walking and running. She takes a balanced diet with a balanced mix of proteins and carbohydrates. She takes small meals few times a day. She is a teetotaller. She drinks a lot of water and takes a good night sleep.

Kim Kardashian

Work out and diet: Her day begins with a run which is followed by the workout of an hour long. And if she is not going out for running, then she runs on a treadmill. She loves listening to music while exercising. Her breakfast includes eggs or oatmeal and sometimes she takes a protein shake with frozen fruit. In lunch, she takes vegetables, chicken, and fish. And sometimes she rounds off her lunch with something sweet like Justin’s peanut butter packs (healthy fat) or sweat tea. Her dinner includes almost the same stuff as her lunch.

 Ileana D’cruz

Diet and workout:  She says she doesn’t go to the gym; rather she swims two days in a week and does 100 laps. She does butterfly, back and breast strokes. It helps her in getting a toned body. She loves to run and makes sure she runs four kilometers thrice a week for three months. This gives her instant results. She also loves to eat but she makes sure that instead of eating too much in one meal, she takes four to five small meals in a day which keeps her healthy.

Sunny Leone

Diet and workout: Sunny loves going to gym to keep fit. She hits the gym twice or thrice a week and works out to her heart content. She believes that if you want a healthy and fit body them gymming is a must. She drinks coconut water to keep her refreshed and adds milk to her morning meal. She avoids frozen fruits and vegetables and eats only fresh ones. She drinks black coffee and takes small meals to avoid overeating.

Nargis Fakhri

Diet and workout: She believes that one should have fun while working out. She loves dancing so she prefers Zumba and walking more than the gym to keep her fit. She says fitness is 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise. She makes sure her food is fresh and high on protein. She keeps herself away from sugar, processed food, and aerated beverages and drinks a lot of water. She takes small meals every two hours and munches on dry fruits to keep her hunger pangs in control.

 Tiger Shroff

Diet and workout: He goes to the gym every day and also plays football and practice kickboxing for fitness. He eats eggs, chicken, fruits, and vegetables and keeps his diet high in protein. He practices gymnastics, a post which he drinks a protein shake. He neither drinks alcohol nor smokes.

 Vin Desiel

Diet and workout: This Hollywood action hero works out three days in a gym. He exactly knows what exercises to include in his fitness routine. He also likes to swim and indulge in biking. He says he concentrates on each of his body parts while exercising. Along with this, he follows the comprehensive diet plan. He takes lots of calories but makes sure he doesn’t eat too much fat and carbohydrates and that’s why he includes proteins, fiber, fruits and vegetables in his meals. He takes 6-8 small meals daily.

Shahid Kapoor

Diet and workout: Shahid works out 6 days a week, focusing on exercise for each part of his body. Apart from the extensive workout in the gym, he also likes to do yoga and swimming. He strictly avoids food high in fat and carbohydrates and eats more of proteins. He makes sure his body gets all it needs so he takes vital snacks before workout and after a workout. He takes five to six meals a day. His focus was never to acquire six or eight pack abs rather he is more concerned about building up his stamina, strength, and endurance.

Aren’t you feeling inspired enough to start your own personal fitness regime after knowing the secrets behind that perfect body, gorgeous looks that some of your favorite stars are blessed with!

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