A marriage is a life-long relationship. It marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of the bride, groom, and the two families. Both the individuals are equally excited but many times, a few points get ignored. You definitely don’t want to end up fighting on your D-Day? Do you?

If two people are about to spend the next 50 years together, it’s very important that they have a 5 Point Critical Pre-Wedding Chit Chat! Everyone asks about the hobbies, TV programs, and favorite movies and most frequently visited places but often forget or ignore the most important topics. What are you waiting for? Talk to your fiancé about these things today:

The need to procreate

Sex is very important in a marriage and so is the need to procreate, but not all men and women like kids. Some people like kids but don’t want to have their own. Some people want to start a family later in life. The bride and the groom need to discuss with each other what they expect from each other and reach a consensus. This way they can plan their family accordingly.

Sharing the bucks?

If you’re planning to share your life, you might as well share your finances. Don’t think so? Well, your partner might have other plans. Talk about it. Prepare a budget and allocate who spends on groceries and bills and whose going to do the saving?  It has to be a fair division if not equal!

How important is work life?

Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize! You might have been a workaholic before marriage but once you have a partner; your time belongs to him/her as well! Your priorities change after tying the knot and if at all, you need to be at work for more time, you must make your partner understand that. He/she shouldn’t feel neglected.

Who cleans the house?

In this day and age, marriage is considered a union of two equals. So, they need to share the responsibility of household chores as well! Although traditionally household work was done by the woman, but if she’s working you need to help her out. After all, she isn’t a superwoman who can handle everything alone! What say?

Party or no Party?

Not every individual is as social as the other. It’s possible that your partner is an extrovert and loves socializing while you are an introvert. You’d rather be happy sitting at home. However, after marriage, both the partners expect the other to spend time with him/her the way he/she wants. The extrovert would want the partner to accompany him/her while the introvert would expect the partner to spend some quality time at home. Now, you need to discuss this beforehand. You need to strike a balance. At times, attending social gatherings is important for the sake of others and you must do it. On other occasions, the tow of you can simply cuddle up and stay together. Once in a while, your partner can go alone and you can have some time just for yourself!

A wedding is just like a see-saw. Neither of you can be above the other at all times. Sometimes, one partner is above while at other times, the other one is on top. Balance is the key to a healthy relationship. If your wedding is around the corner, use our checklist to discuss the 5 most important points in your marriage so that you can really have a Happy Married Life!