In today’s fast-forward world girls often receive mixed messages about themselves. But good parents can guide their daughters to interpret those messages and make good decisions.

Now you might be thinking what all you can do to develop confidence in your daughter?

The ideal way to raise a girl child who likes herself and is quite confident is to know all her strengths. The messages we give as mothers and parents need to be very much empowering, yet honest.

Do tell her she’s gorgeous

Just be definite that you also give the message that beauty is as beauty does. How she carries herself as an individual will have an even greater impression on how people see her.

Show interest in your daughter’s passion

You can make a strong connection with your daughter when you pay attention to her likings and interest whether related to academics, sports, entertainment, games etc. She will definitely receive the message that what she likes matters.

Be caring & supportive

Listen carefully to what she has to express, but don’t lecture. Help her make understand what’s going on in and outside her world. Share stories and experiences of your childhood to demonstrate your empathy and understanding of her condition.

Put a flash on positive female role models

When watching or reading the news, not merely to show your daughter that anything is possible, but also to inspire chat about the right ways female leaders take to success. The answer should not be always same like “study hard” or “practice,” but rather something different like, “when she was of your age, she enjoyed reading books about adventure.”

Share your views & approach to confidence-building

With the regular care providers in her life. It’s significant your daughter receives a consistent positive message from all the people in her life, from her nanny to her grandmother or babysitter.

Minimize the Princesses Affect

When my sister’s daughter was four years old I just asked her what princesses do. She instantly answered without any hesitation: “They clean houses, get ready with makeup and wait for princes to marry them.” Case closed. Centering young aged daughters on beauty and femininity are like focusing her in the wrong direction.

Show Attention in Her Academics

Reveal that education plays the vital role in life by showing concern in your child’s academics. Get involved in the school, attend PTMs regularly, volunteer, show up at school programs and check in on homework.

Avoid ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ nurturing

One of the most common mistakes that father’s use to make (in spite of really good intents) is treating their daughters like small sensitive angels. Treating her like that raises the problem for her when she is in actual distress, it will hinder her ability to know how she can protect and provide safety for herself.

If you want your daughter to be very strong both mentally & emotionally, self-reliant and resilient, it is essential that you show her that you see her this way. Inspire her to practice raising her voice, make right decisions and act as the captain of her own ship, every chance you get.

At the end, boosting confidence in our daughters is associated to how we feel about ourselves, and the pride we have in our abilities. And this feel-good practice always begins at home. Wish you all the best parents