Once in a lifetime, or many times we all dream of becoming the richest person, who could afford everything in the market that attracts us. All of us have desired for a life when we do not need to think twice before buying something that we want to. In cartoons, seeing Uncle Scrooge jump into a pool of gold coins, might have made us curious, if a life like that is really possible?

Well apparently, there are no such pools of money in reality, but you assuredly can become rich, only if you place your hard work, willpower and determination to it. It’s a very true fact that anything worth having does not come in an easy way. You cannot just keep praying to god about it and think that money may come rolling towards you from somewhere. We often think that richest persons are so blessed and can buy whatever they want but do we ever put light on the fact that how they have reached such a big heights? What path they have chosen and what courses they have done?

We have gathered a list of top 6degreesthat have big salary packages, provided you work exceptionally hard to reach the apex of your field.


Average Salary: $102,000 to $177,000
Petroleum engineers help to detect natural basins of petroleum deposits. They work in specialist’s teams to develop more operative, cost-efficient methods of petroleum recovery by the application of principles from engineering, chemistry, mathematics and geology. There are three types of engineers in the field of petroleum who differ only by the step of the drilling process that they are involved in like Reservoir engineers, drilling engineers, and production engineers.


Average Salary:$70,000 to $120,000
An actuary is a skilled professional who analyzes the financial penalties of risk. Actuaries use mathematics,financial and statistics theory to study undefined future events, especially those of worry to pension and insurance programs.

Actuaries may work for consulting firms, insurance companies, government, hospitals, employee benefits departments of large corporations, banks, and investment firms, or, more commonly, in businesses that need to manage financial risk.


Average Salary: $68,000 to $119,000
Nuclear engineers use to research and then develop the processes,systems, and instruments used to derive profits from nuclear energy and radiation. Many engineers find medical and industrial uses for radioactive materials for example, in equipment used in medical treatment and diagnosis.

Typically, they work in offices; however, their workplace differs with the industry in which they are employed. Most of the nuclear engineers work for full time.


Average Salary: $70,000 to $117,000
A chemical engineer is responsible for the design, construction, development and operation of industrial processes for the production of a varied range of products, as well as in goods and specialty chemicals.Relevant industries include pharmaceuticals, oil, and gas, energy, food and drink, water treatment, plastics, and toiletries.


Average Salary: $65,100 to $114,000
Study of Electronics is the technology related to electronic circuits and systems. It is one of the chief branches of electrical engineering.Electronics engineers practice scientific knowledge of the behaviour and how electrons effects to design, develop and test machinery, devices, equipment or systems that use electricity as part of their source of power. These apparatuses include diodes, capacitors, transistors, and resistors.Electronics engineers generally work in cross-functional project teams with other colleagues in other divisions of engineering.


Average Salary: $42,000 to $80,000
Fashion designers work on the designing of different articles like clothing and fashion ranges. Some may deliberately focus on one expert area, such as sportswear, footwear,children’s wear or accessories. Developments in technology depict that a design can be on sale as a final finished product within weeks.Totally depending on their level of duty and the company you will work for, many designers may work to their own brief or be specified a brief to work towards, with terms relating to budget, colour, and fabric. It’s a very creative field.

Money comes with a successful career; which never change people it merely amplifies what is already there. Saying that Money Can’t Buy Happiness is very much true but it can make you terribly relaxed while you’re being depressed.