Kareena Kapoor Khan is pregnant, and she looks every bit of graceful with that cute baby bump. Breaking the stereotypes about actresses going for hiatus during pregnancy, Kareena is fulfilling all her professional commitments being heavily pregnant.

 Bollywood Divas are known for their flawless beauty, gorgeous figure, and a graceful presence. To maintain a desirable look is always expected from them. Probably, this is the reason they try to hide the baby bumps after getting pregnant and try to achieve the perfect figure soon after the delivery. Either they are the victims of cruel expectation from their fans for it is just their preconceived notion that people will not accept them beyond the perfect figure. Kareena Kapoor Khan, a well-known Bollywood Actress, who started the zero figure trends in the film industry, is celebrating her pregnancy phase, and she doesn’t hesitate to express the feelings to her viewers.

Kareena has recently walked the ramp at Lakme Fashion Week for famous fashion designer, Sabyasachi Mukherjee. She looked radiant in the gorgeous Bridal wear and of course, the pregnancy glow added to the entire charming look. Kareena got quite emotional and said, it is a walk to remember,and she will cherish this moment forever as for the first time she and her child walked the ramp together.

“On being asked if the baby kicked while she was walking the ramp, she replied while smiling, “I was too nervous to realize if it happened.”

When asked about the maternity break, Kareena said that delivering a baby is a very normal phenomenon, and just because a woman is pregnant, she should not be treated differently. She added that she would keep working during her pregnancy phase as long as she is comfortable.

Kareena mentioned that she loves her work, it is her passion to act and she will keep doing it till she dies.

At a press conference, Kareena spoke against the myth about how actresses career gets over, or they get very few roles in movies once they get pregnant. She answered that Bollywood is not conservative, and it does not see a pregnant actress under a different light. There is a suitable role for every talented actress irrespective of her being pregnant or not.

Kareena Kapoor is one brilliant actress who is always known for speaking her mind. She is rejoicing this blissful phase, busting the myths about the pregnancy and keeping up with her work life quite well. She is a perfect example of how to balance the personal and professional life like a pro for women all over the world.