During early morning hours, dragging yourself out of bed and making yourself ready to roll for burpees is a chore. Most of you will find yourself in the same boat. Isn’t it!! With utmost determination, finally, you got your fitness routine on track. Great!! Your fitness resolution will make you an apple of everyone’s eye.

No matter, it’s an air-conditioned studio, the workout sweat is tough on your skin and body. What do you carry for post workout?

Well, the miracle is all here!! Here’re listed 14 beauty must-haves that will make you feel those tough burpees never happened:

Dry Shampoo: The oily effects of intense exercising can spoil your day. This is when a dry shampoo becomes a life saver. By absorbing the extra grease, it offers your hair an effortless finish and adds subtle volume.

Skin Wipes: Sweltering weather means more sweating and this heightens the risk of clogged pores. For quick cleanse in the gym, carry skin wipes. An essential item in your bag, wipes can make you feel fresh.

A Cooling Blush: Of course, those miles on the treadmill might have given you a natural flush around your cheeks. Despite carrying a heavy powder, own a cooling liquid blush to revive your skin.

A Blotting Sponge: The excess oil on your face is your biggest enemy. Carry the blotting sponge to get rid of the oil. Love it because it’s reusable. When you are back home, make sure to wash it.

Tinted Moisturizer: Do you have an important appointment? Definitely, the gym bathroom cannot give you that extra space for an elaborate contour, foundation, and strobe session. Instead, bring a lightweight moisturizer with sheer coverage to look fresh.

Powder Sunscreen: It’s another fantastic option and most of you are lovers of powder sunscreen. Lightly dust it on your face with a brush and you are good to go.

Deodorant: Want to keep at bay that bad odor after a hard training session? Carry a pocket deodorant while on the move.

Lip Balm: Worried about the dryness of lips? Carry a lip balm in your gym bag and pamper your pout.

Foot Balm: After running miles on the treadmill, slip off your shoes and pamper your feet with a cooling feet balm.

Facial Spray: Need little refreshment? Carry a facial spray to the rescue. It does not drench your face as it is more like a mist.

Bobby Pins: Your hair down while work out might drive you nuts. To avoid this, carry a dozen of bobby pins in your bag at all times.

Hair Powder: It’s handy after an intense workout. If you hate dry shampoos, hair powder sops up all the sweat and grease and add volume to your hair in just seconds.

Body Serum: It is another award winning product!! Carry a body serum that will offer your skin a firm feeling you look for after the workout.

Acne Face Cleanser: Sweating opens up your pores. This might form acne on your face. Bring an acne face cleanser to clear the breakouts.

Don’t be a lazy-bone. Carry the gym must-haves to optimize your post-workout beauty regime.