Thinking is good, but over-thinking is definitely not. We all know this but still many times we find ourselves falling into the trap of over-thinking either about our past or the unseen future. Well, it’s a vicious circle. Unaware of the fact that over-thinking gives the power to negative thoughts, we nurture this habit and give ourselves an excuse that I can’t help it and do nothing about it. We become the prisoner of this habit unconsciously. Do something about it because it will do you no good. Rather over-thinking comes with the devil army of stress, worry, limitations, unhappiness, low life-state and so on.

Past events- can you really change the past by over-thinking about it, by reliving it in your thoughts? No, then don’t worry about it, just learn the lesson from it and move on. Live in the present because that is something which belongs to you. Past is dead, so why over-think about a dead thing. It sucks your life-force which can otherwise be positively used in achieving many other things in life.

At the same time, some of us have long perfected the art of over-thinking about the unfathomable future. No doubt one must think about one’s future and plan it well but there is a difference in planning and thinking too much about it.

In fact, one of the major reasons why some people are not able to achieve their goals is that they think too much and hardly take any actions to achieve it.

Relax…and let’s try out the following simple tips to get rid of over-thinking.

It’s enough

The next time you find your mind wandering like a monkey creating a drama worth an Oscar, take a deep breath and tell yourself, it’s enough. Without wasting a second change your focus to something good and peaceful.

Let go your past

Don’t dwell on your past. What has happened has happened and it can’t be changed. Accept it in your head and move on. Go with the flow of life.

Learn to forgive

It’s of course not a good thing to go through some undesirable situation or encounter a wrong person, but forgive him or her for your own sake, for your own peace of mind. And forgiveness means not letting that person affect your happiness anymore. Forgiveness makes us human. Be human.

Back your thoughts with actions

Without solid actions, nothing can be achieved. So do some smart planning and then back it with concrete actions. Make a list of thinks you need to accomplish and then step by step work towards it. The result is not in your hands, but the effort is, so just do that and leave the rest to God.

Live in the present

The present is a gift from God and it is the only thing which is in your control. It will for sure yield better results.

 Never give up

Don’t focus on the end result all the time. Even if things are taking the time to happen, don’t stop yourself from taking actions and don’t give up.

Change your thoughts

Read good books, meet positive people and work on changing your perspective about things for the better. The moment our way of perceiving things change, our actions change. Someone has rightly said that it’s all in the mind. So master your mind rather than letting your mind master you.

 Engage in your favourite hobby

Nothing is more rejuvenating than engaging in the activities you love doing. It refreshes the mind and makes you feel positive. You would also find that when you indulge in your favourite hobby you stop thinking too much and just enjoy the activity.

Keep busy

Do you know when we have too much of time, we think too much? Keep yourself busy with productive activities and you will have no time to over-think.

Make decision

Whether it’s a problem of the past or worry about the future, make a firm decision to overcome it. Think but remember don’t over-think and give a deadline to yourself to take a decision and then just do what is required to translate that decision into reality.

The biggest struggle in accomplishing something is there in our head. Don’t make your life complicated by thinking how difficult it is to achieve your goal. Let go that notion.