The other day Vadehi, a young girl of 26, was having a candid discussion about inner peace with her grandfather. She said, “Finding inner peace in this chaotic world where everyone is running a rat-race to achieve something or the other sounds like an alien concept. And even if we find it we lose it in no time or it simply fades away.” The grandfather grinned at what she said and replied, “ Inner peace is the state of tranquillity of the mind and the spirit which embraces us only if we carve out the fundamental darkness of our life which is greed, ignorance, jealousy, fear, disrespecting other’s life and many such negative emotions. We want to change others to have peace, but forget that the journey of peace begins with one’s own inner change, the fundamental act of defeating our own negative tendencies. We have all the required virtues to overcome the negativity hidden in the depths of our life. The day we learn to tap these virtues, inner peace will become our way of life and we would not have to run after it.”

So to begin your journey of inner peace here is some useful tips:

Believe in yourself

You are precious; you are respect worthy so love yourself truly and believe in your potential without a doubt. If you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Sometimes we compare ourselves to others in terms of achievements, get into the thoughts of superiority and inferiority and lose belief in our own highest potential as a human being. Always remember you are precious and unique just like an apple is an apple and orange is an orange, each with its own unique qualities. So believe in yourself, have competition with your own self, not with others.

Be grateful

Someone has aptly said that the Universe loves gratitude and the more grateful you feel for the things you have in life, the Universe gives you all the more reasons to feel grateful for. You can even maintain a gratitude diary and make conscious efforts to write at least 10 things you are grateful for in the diary every day.

Respect others and their lives

One of the biggest reasons for unhappiness and violence in the world is when people disrespect others and think other’s life is not as important as theirs. Think about your happiness but at the same time do not forget about the happiness of others. Be compassionate, share others suffering, help them overcome their problems and then see how you become the kind or the queen of inner peace.

Purify your senses

Purifying the senses means to create good with our senses, to speak good words, to think good, to act good and ultimately you end up creating good causes which will definitely result in good effects. Someone has beautifully said that always give something to the person in front of you- give encouraging words, give hope, give courage and if nothing else at least gives a smile.

Human revolution

Revolution is not always political, economical and industrial; there is something called human revolution too which simply means bringing about good changes in your own life, improving your life. We often think that it is because of this person or that person that you are unhappy. Your happiness is your responsibility, so take the charge of it rather than blaming people or circumstances for it. Be happy and spread happiness.

Associate with positive people

The kind of people we spend most of our time with impacts our thoughts and actions big time. Positive people will always inspire you and uplift you whereas not so positive people sap your energy with their negativity. So choose your company wisely.

Learn to let go

There are times we cling to our past or find it too difficult to forget about the bad which has happened. It’s ok; it’s a part of life to experience good times and bad times. Let go those things which had happened in the past, let go those people who have become your past. You can’t change anything about it. All that matters is the present. Forgive and forget for the sake of your own happiness. Forgiveness is the virtue of a brave heart, so be brave. Start afresh!

Stop worrying about things you can’t change

We can’t control every person, every circumstance in our life, so stop wasting your energy in worrying about things which are not in your control. Someone has rightly said, “Do your best and leave rest to God”.