Everyone expresses their love to their mother but very rarely do kids express their love to their father. Maybe it’s due to the fact that most fathers meet their kids for less time and are less vocal while mothers are much better at expressing themselves. But, on the occasion of Father’s Day, your father deserves a special treat. Be it a first or 50th, you need to make the day memorable for your father. The responsibility of making the day special, lies not just with the children, but the mother too. After all, kids hardly know anything at a small age and it is the mother who can encourage them and make them aware and help them to make all the arrangements.

We asked some fathers what they would like and what would make them feel special and you’ll be surprised to see the answers:

  1. No Pressure – What a father loves is to have a day free of pressures, deadlines and tasks. Being the man of the house, he is obviously expected to take care of certain things at home but if you really want him to be happy and relax, just let him free for a day. Allow him to do whatever he wants, even if it means sleeping the whole day!
  2. Enjoy his company – In our everyday lives, we get busy with the so called, “other stuff” and don’t get much time together. Close out all the electronic entertainment and just go out together. Enjoy a picnic in the company of nature and just enjoy each other’s company. Going to the mall is a very old and common thing; this time go out in the open air and enjoy nature.
  3. A romantic surprise – A man also loves romantic surprises and what better day to give him one than father’s day. While planning activities for your partner and the kids, make time for the kids to nap in the afternoon and sneak some time with your partner. You could also surprize him early morning with a sweet little gesture while the kids are still in bed. Show him your love and express your love to him to make him feel special.
  4. He should be the focus – It is alright to plan things for him but the best gift would be to give him the choice to do what he wants and how he wants. Ask him how he wants to spend his day and just go along. It could be watching his favorite game, movie or going out to his favorite dining place or to play his favorite game. Even if you don’t quiet enjoy those activities, just play along for some time for his happiness. He might want a few hours alone, all by himself; just let him be!
  5. Praise him- Who doesn’t like to be appreciated and praised and fathers are no less. They too need the appreciation and affection they deserve. Make your child create a beautiful card for his father and present it show your love for him. If you’re not into writing, you could also create a cute little video for your partner with mushy and sweet messages from everyone.
    You really don’t have to dig a hole in your pocket to make your partner and the father of your kids feel special. It can be done with the above gestures!