Mutual respect and trust are the two main ingredients to nurture a successful relationship. Those couples or partners who have been with each other for a longer duration always believe in the concept of keeping their friendship alive. They care, love unconditionally and share a beautiful bond with their partners. You must express yourself and let the other person also express him or her in different situations. Do not judge or be egoistic if you want to have a healthy relationship.

Successful relationships are not made overnight. They need time to prosper. An intimate relationship involves people sharing the same interests. If one of them is solely focused on work, success or individual goals, a bond can never exist.

Communication is the key to a successful relationship. If two people don’t talk, how can they remain connected to each other? Both the partners need to express, understand and remain honest to each other to have a long lasting relationship. Always keep all channels of communication open between you two. Women experience emotional intimacy through verbal communication, while men express their emotions more through action and physical touch.
Most of the breakups happen because of the lack of communication between partners. People fail to express themselves and this gives rise to misunderstandings. As a result, rather than resolving their differences they start ignoring each other.

It is not always the males who ignore their partners. Sometimes, women talk and share less with their male partners. They do this to avoid intimacy and connection. These kinds of women are often looking for something that is less intimate and more materially satisfying.

Those men who are over ambitious and are always focused solely on their wealth and career face a lot of problems while looking for an ideal partner. They avoid being in a relationship and fail to develop their emotional side. Such people have never spent any time developing their spiritual or emotional side, and are very much stunted in those areas. These people handle their relationships much like a business.

Unfortunately, relationships are not a business. Humans, as well as feelings, grow and change. There are times when our emotions can fluctuate and it is not easy to solve the problems that arise due to emotional needs. Those people, who have never been in a relationship, must try to transform themselves and develop the ability to be a loving, compassionate and caring person. They need to change their priorities and must address their own feeling first. They must also learn to express them in relationship to someone else. Slowly they can learn to feel, to listen, respond and act in a loving and giving manner, and get what he wants.

There may be cases when people have had failed marriages or faced an ugly breakup in the past. These people generally stop themselves from opening up as they have a fear of getting hurt again. Don’t fall into this category. Don’t give up and never shut down. If you are not willing to get into a relationship, look for love at other places. Shower love on kids, pets, family members and even on strangers. In doing this, love will find you and you will find yourself with a healthy partner.

If you are in a relationship but the connection has died and communication has stopped, try to bring it back to life. Start by expressing yourself honestly and openly. While it may take time to reconnect with each other, if both partners are willing, the connection can heal. Do things together, communicate more and try to move ahead with your partner. Do not carry forward the past and rediscover each other. Do something new to keep the relationship fresh and alive. In case your partner is not able or is unwilling to communicate, you may have to consider the possibility of leaving.

Many times communication breaks down because either one or both people get lost in their goals, work and immediate concerns. Each of us has responsibilities and our own set of duties which we need to fulfill. In doing so, do not neglect love. Love is a gift we freely give to another and in doing so we are blessed.