In today’s competitive world, nobody wants to be short-heighted but neither can anyone do anything about their genes. If you’ve inherited a short height from your parents, you can really do nothing about it. But you need not lose heart! Here are some amazing fashion tips that can make you look taller!

Yes, you read it right! These smart hacks can make you look taller than you actually are:

Choose Flared Jeans

Long flared jeans make you look like you have longer legs. The main trick here is that your jeans should be super-slim through the thigh portion and be tied at the normal waist level worn with a waist length top.

Go for One color

One of the most easy ways to create an illusion of height is to wear the same color from head to toe. You can wear all black, all white or any other color.

Sport Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts in a single color worn with heels that are hidden while you walk, create an illusion of looking taller. Do not go for large prints.

Wear heels that have a low-cut vamp

Choose heels that have a low-cut vamp as they instantly give you height. A vamp is a portion of the show that cuts across your foot in the front. Keep that in mind when you go shopping for heels next time.

Say yes to pointy flats

Pointy flats are another way to create an illusion of height. This is so because they elongate your leg line! Who said, short girls can’t wear flats?

Wear high-waist bottoms

Although not everyone likes to wear high-waisted bottoms but if worn correctly, they make your lower body look taller.

Go for Top Knots

A bun or a hairdo on top of your head also elongates your height and makes you look taller. A high pony tail can also have a similar effect.

Use Vertical stripes

This one is a no-brainer. Vertical stripes create long lines and make you appear taller than you actually are. You can wear tops, dresses and trousers with vertical stripes.

No oversized bags please

Petite girls should always carry a small bag such as a cross-body bag, a small top-handle tote or a clutch as oversized shoulder bags make you look even shorter. Keep it short!

Keep your hair short

Keep your hair short as they show off your shoulders and make you look taller while long hair seem to pull you down. Go for a short wavy cut.

Go for slim belts

No broad belts please! They cut your height. Just wear a super-slim belt as it shows off your curves without cutting your height. A belt of the same color as your dress is even better.

Wear More V-necks

When you go shopping for tops, ensure that you pick up something that has a plunging ‘V’ neck as it creates an illusion of a longer body. ‘V’ necks also show off your neckline.

Take care of proportions

Nicely tailored clothes are a must. Ensure that your coats sit at the shoulders snugly and sleeves are of just the right length. Avoid wearing capri pants as they cut your height.

Sizzle in Short skirts

Mini skirts and short skirts are the ideal length for you to wear as they show more leg and make you appear taller. Make sure you have a mini skirt in your wardrobe!

Hope the above pointers help to enhance your height and make you look good!