Have you ever wondered why men prefer to just date women and are not interested to commit and settle down? Why do they shy away from saying “Yes, I do!” .Well experts say that the reason of denial could be loss of freedom. The truth is that your guy may be interested in you but may not want to commit even after telling you so. Men prefer to stay single rather than losing their freedom, their independence, their liberty and even their toys and gadgets.

Relationship experts say that when one is involved in a relationship, a lot of compromises have to be made. This seems almost impossible for men around us. Men want to keep all their stuff close to them like their football, their books, and gifts from an ex-girlfriend etc. The fact is that a new girlfriend might take over their life and insist to bring some unexpected changes that scare men.

  1. Try not to control your man: Men prefer to stay single as they feel that they will not have a say in their life anymore after committing to one woman. He may care deeply for you, but is not looking to have a relationship. Men like to take their time, date and get intimate with whoever they feel like. He might be looking for other options before commitment. Try not to push him into a relationship, as it may not be good for you and your partner.

Also, apart from relationships, there are men who have various priorities in their lives. This doesn’t mean that your man never wants to marry. But he is saying that he doesn’t want to marry now, and he doesn’t know if it’s you he will marry.

  1. Give him his own space and don’t push him into a direction that you may later regret: A major reason why men prefer to stay single is that they end up getting tangled in expenses that hurt their pocket. Men fear that the presence of a woman in their life will push marriage because she wants to be with a man for her material needs and become dependent on him. Eventually, the expenses and costs might increase with cost of a home, vehicles or furniture. The never ending grocery and cosmetic bills could turn out to be a nightmare for him.

Those men who have had strained relationships in the past have a fear of entering into a new relationship, especially if they have experienced a divorce in the past. Make him feel that you are not dependent on him for all matters. Tell him that you need him to be a part of your life other than security reasons. He will feel needed and wanted and will give you a deeper love and admiration.

  1. Treat him like a friend: Most of the couples are generally heard saying that the love which they had in their relationship before marriage has vanished after wedlock. It is because before marriage couples communicate a lot, spend time with each other and crave to be with each other. After marriage, they start taking each other for granted and get involved in fulfilling the responsibilities. To nurture a healthy relationship, both men and women must keep the friendship alive between them.  Treat your man like a friend and let him know that you can communicate and spend time with him without the need of other resources. Get intimate, spend time together, go for dinner dates and cuddle each other to come closer.