Each of us is unique. We have different mindsets, body structures, appearance and even react in a different way to situations. Most of us try to overcome our inner fears or inadequacies in various ways. We must learn to accept the way we have been created by nature. Whenever we aim to fix some perceived inadequacy, you never really get there. Some women are always under the constant pressure to look beautiful or reduce weight. Their desire to fix comes from a sense of inadequacy in themselves that needs to be confronted. Below are few tips to fixing your body fixations that can lead you to a more peaceful and happy existence. To begin with this process, one must start loving yourself and accept that the ideals of perfection in appearance are an illusion. Once you have understood this, try these simple approaches and enjoy the way nature made you.

  1. Be amongst the right people
    Choose your company wisely. You need to hang out with normal women who are happy with themselves and their bodies. Avoid being with women who are too worried about their looks and constantly try to change their appearance.
  2. Do not get carried over by Media
    Do not let the media affect you. You must know that watching skinny models, youthful pop stars or glamorous celebrities is just for fun. Various brands use them for publicizing their products. It is difficult to follow their diet and have a body type like them. Such type of media must be avoided at all costs.
  3. Learn to accept positive feedback
    When you receive a compliment about how you look, always accept and believe what this person is saying. Learn to accept the compliment and feel good about it. Keep your ego and negativity away and believe in yourself.
  4.  Affirm Your Beauty
    Feel good about yourself. Look in the mirror and smile. Make your living space beautiful and happy to be in. Listen to beautiful music. Become beautiful by believing you are beautiful.
  5. Celebrate Your Body
    Explore the world. Celebrate your body and flaunt it appropriately. Move out of the house and be a part of the world. Engage yourself into some sporty activities and live your life on your terms. Your body is the vehicle with which you enjoy life. Taking care of it and getting it into the best shape possible can only happen with this fundamental respect.
  6.  You are viewed so differently
    You must always remember that it is you who is aware of your own shortcomings. When you go out in a crowd, a partner might see you as a whole without even paying attention to your flaws. It is you who know about your inadequacies and view yourself in such a harsh light and if you believe that this builds up a good defense in case you meet a picky man, think again.
  7. Flaws might fascinate people
    Imagine a group of women who are all working in the same profession attending a conference. Since they share the same career goals, they might dress alike and also have the same preferences. If two guys are at the same conference and meet a few of the women, later on they might discuss which of them they liked. They might remember you for your lazy eye, the scar on your chin, the birthmark on your neck or some other natural flaw. Your flaw is actually your flair. Do not hide it. Take it the way it is. A small natural flaw makes you stand out in a crowd and makes it easy to remember you. And a lot of guys find it sexy and none of them bother about it at all.
  8. Your sense of Style and Attitude matters the most
    People generally notice your attitude and style. A lady who is plumpish and fun to be will always be preferred more than a thin woman with a snobbish attitude. Your attitude is the first thing that your peers will notice in you. Learn how to fix it to win in all situations.