Being a woman is a wonderful feeling. At every age, she has her own beauty and charm. Although each woman has her own personality as she passes through different phases of life in terms of age, a majority of the women show similar changes as they age. But yes, exceptions are always there. Let’s have a look at the general description about the “ages of women and their differences”.

Age 18 to 23- Disney Princess

Women falling under this age group are happy, wild, dramatic and free. Their interest revolves around fun. They also show irresponsibility. At this age, her Disney fantasies rule her heart and mind. She loves the idea of falling in love with her prince charming and lives happily ever after. They are vulnerable to take irresponsible decisions and usually more susceptible to getting married to a wrong guy.

At this age, they can go around with four-five guys at a time and find it quite normal. They are vulnerable to get into monogamous relationships and are prone to cheating on their partner. Just see how their Facebook relationship status changes so frequently.

Age 24 to 26- Ms. Independent

At this age women tones down to two guys. Two seems to be a magic number for them and they often go around with two guys at the same time. They drink and party to their heart’s content and have fun! They know how much is enough for them and they don’t overdo when it comes to drinking. By this age, they know more about their bodies and keep things in moderation. One of the major attributes of women at this age is that they tend to avoid making boyfriends easily. By this time they have learned about men /boyfriends that they get needy, jealous, cheat and are a lot of hard work. They don’t want to be tied in a relationship with a needy boyfriend who happily takes their orders and kisses their ass. She enjoys and loves her independence.

Age 27 to 29- Oops! I am still single

Women falling under this age group are very similar to those under 24-26 with the only difference that their biological clock starts ticking now. They enjoy being independent and love fun. They love it all the more at this age because now they have started earning money. But there is one thing that bothers them big time at this age and that is finding their soul-mate. Not having a soul mate is a big concern for them. Most of them want to have babies without even knowing why. They start looking for a boyfriend/soul-mate carefully casting off their no boyfriend rule. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have fun, but of course no more than one or two guys at a time. It is not easy to sexually please women of this age group. It needs some hard work guys!

Age 30 to 32- On a mission

At this age, the biggest mission of women is to find a boyfriend/ husband/soul-mate. This is the age when they are very choosy when it comes to men they date. She is very confident about herself and knows that she is still pretty and in demand. Now it is not at all difficult for her to go without sex unless she finds the right guy for herself.

Age 33 to 38- Refined Lady

By this age a woman has seen it all- cheating boyfriends, awful first dates, cranky male bosses, divorces, failed relationships and much more. For her men are no longer their world rather for most of the women they have become more like enemies. To top it all, she is likely to have a job she hates and kids who test her patience which irritates her even more. Stress becomes a part of their life and things like fulfilling dreams, being happy and enjoying herself look alien to her. Now when you go on a date with her, be ready to listen to endless dating rules and regulations in case you show an inclination for sex with her. Don’t forget she is a lady now and ladies don’t have sex unless she is in a committed and meaningful relationship.

Age 39 to 49- Delusional Queen

Women who are single and are in their forties, especially the ones who are blessed with good looks and are not overweight think they are the most desirable, beautiful and intelligent women in the universe. So guys, you better treat her wisely! If you can’t treat her like a queen, then you fall somewhere between “not gentlemen and pigs”. If you reject her, then you are considered shallow or have some really big issues in life and should have put in some efforts and time to understand how wonderful she is. One good news is that if she is interested in you, she will show great interest in sex.

Age 50+ -Realization

At this age women finally, realize that there is no knight out there for her. Now she knows she can’t use her looks to get what she wants from men. If she is stuck with a man she is married to, she usually doesn’t opt for divorce and reluctantly tolerates him. She understands that there is nothing called a perfect man. Her expectations drastically reduce from her husband. At this age, women have lower divorce rate as they accept reality and have the lack of sexual power. Many women awaken in their 50’s and become peaceful and happy.

So men next time you approach a woman, consider these descriptions because women of different age can’t be approached the same way!