Dance is a way to express yourself. Some people dance for fun; some do it to convey a message while others say it is connected to spiritualism. Dancing is a way to experience something new in life and connects you to other people. It expresses feelings and emotions and puts us in touch with universal energy. Dance is a medium to connect to the almighty. Dance is mediation. Dance is walking through the clouds, flying among the stars, gliding on the moon and experiencing the pure bliss of heaven on earth. Dance is prayer and helps us to connect with God instantly.

Historical Connection between dance and spirituality

In the past, the world has witnessed various cultures that practice extreme forms of dance associated with their spiritual pursuits. A group, known as Shakers existed in 19th century America, was known to perform elaborate dances that involved near-violent shaking. They did this to get rid of sexual tension in the physical body so that the soul could be nearer to the divine. None of their believers ever had any sex and they had no children and the group ceased to exist.

In other cultures like Islam, monks who have chosen a life of poverty are known as dervishes. They were known to perform elaborate form of dances that involved spinning which led to an almost narcotic connection to otherness. They do this to leave the misery of this world behind and get closer to their spiritual potential.

Praise Dance – dance to thank the universe

When you have a need to thank the universe, the words of prayer and thanksgiving may not be enough. You can play your favorite upbeat tune and raise your hands to the sky and move about in ecstatic appreciation to thank the universe. This form of dance does not require showing off or a precise skill. Keep it simple and acknowledge the ways of the nature.

Ritual Dance – Let loose to thank God for your existence

Dance is a prayer. When you don’t have the right words to say, simply dance and your heart will express the things that words cannot. It is the purest way to communicate with God and convey your message. Dance provides an internal dialogue that is sacred within your heart, soul and spirit. It is like a providing you a direct line to the source. Prayer through communal movement is a way to bond with fellow believers.

Meditative Dance

Meditation is about stillness, concentration, listening and having awareness. When you perform certain movements and chant mantras, you get connected to the process. Dance helps you to have total control over your mind to execute the steps and you have to truly listen to what your body tells you. Meditation is often described as a discipline and performing it with dance makes it a ritual. To perform this form of dance, use your body’s precise movements to explore the depth of meditation. Even walking can be a type of meditative dance, also known as walking meditation.

Through Dance, one can maximize the body’s potential and stay connected to the universe. Dance allows you to discover your inner spiritual awakening. So don’t just sit there, embrace the divine in body, spirit and mind.