The very purpose of Lord Buddha to be born into this world was to demonstrate how to behave as a human being. There is so much to learn from him to lead a life which is value-creating and full of ‘absolute’ happiness.

So ever wondered what is the most important thing which is indispensable for leading a happy and victorious life? It’s the right thinking or positive thinking. However, in today’s world, the positive thinking seems like a luxury or a rare thing which only a few people possess and negative thoughts come so naturally to us. Buddha said, “Nothing can harm you as much as your own thoughts unguarded”.  So we must guard our thoughts which mean we should not entertain negative thoughts and train our mind to think positively. Actually, the real cause of our suffering is not the suffering itself, it is how we take our suffering or problem and how we react to them.

The negative thinking not only prevents us from doing things to the best of our ability but also affects us physically, emotionally and mentally. Sometimes it even results in an illness which becomes chronic over time. Do you know that even a single negative thought has the power to deplete the soul power and affect our health?

But our mind and soul are so powerful that we can overcome negativity with the right guidance and strong determination. Of course, yoga and meditation are tantamount to a knight in shining armour ready to rescue you from the spell of negative thinking.

Here are some useful tips for overcoming negative thinking:

1. Do small acts of kindness

When you are nice to others and show kindness or just bring a smile on someone’s face, you feel good about yourself and others. Your belief in humanity and in your own self heightens which in turn helps in breaking the pattern of negative thinking. It simply makes you optimistic. Sometimes small acts can make a big difference.

2. Train your mind to say ‘stop’

Every time you experience negative thoughts racing through your mind, consciously tell your mind to ‘stop’ those thoughts. If needed do this exercise again and again until your mind shifts its focus to something positive. And at the same time, you can keep repeating to yourself, “I am a peaceful soul and being positive is my fundamental nature. Repeating such positive thoughts can be of great help in overcoming negativity.

3. Find out your unique virtues

Happiness comes naturally to those people who have discovered their unique virtues such as compassion, problem-solving ability, resilience etc. When you focus more on things you are good at, your mind automatically starts thinking in a positive direction and become more productive overall. And it would add to positivity if you can use your virtues to help or serve others. Martin Seligman beautifully shared in her book Learned Optimism “positive emotion separate from the sense of purpose or service to others leads to emptiness, inauthenticity, depression and a gnawing sense of meaninglessness.”

4. Choose your company wisely

Never take your company lightly. The people you spend your maximum time with have a great effect on your thoughts. If you surround yourself with people who keep whining, blaming and have no sense of gratitude, your thoughts become negative. In contrast, if you keep the company of positive people, then even if you are negative, you will transform into a positive people. Such is the power and vibes of positive people.

5. Reframe your self-talk

Of course, how we talk to others is important but how we talk to our own self is equally important. In fact, it is the quickest way to build a positive mindset. For example, if you have had divorce and you keep telling yourself “ I got divorced”, you will succumb to despair but instead, if you tell yourself, “ I got single”, you will experience a positive flow of thoughts and you will focus on new possibilities, new life. So never underestimate the power of self-talk!

6. Be Grateful

Someone has aptly said, “The Universe loves gratitude”.  A grateful heart makes us human in the true sense. Rather than mulling over who said what and who did wrong to you in this world, focus more on all the good things and people in your life. It will bring out the best in you even in challenging situations. Positivity comes naturally to a thankful heart.

Life is too precious to be wasted on negative thinking. Think positive! Stay Happy!