A relationship demands both Love and respect in an equal proportion. It is generally said that in a relationships Men Need Respect, And Women Need Love. But, however, many women aren’t finding enough love because they haven’t found respect from their partners.

According to the famous internationally known public speaker Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, an ideal male-female relationship requires love and respect to survive. There needs to be a balance of both. If the man in the relationship doesn’t respect the woman, then he surely can’t love her truly.

So all you men out there follow these 6 Ways to respect women in a relationship:

  1. Pay Attention to her thoughts
    A relationship is not about having conversations strictly related to responsibilities and how to fulfill them. Take out time from your routine and hear out your partner. Whether she is simply telling you about a funny moment she had the other day, or pouring her heart out about how something has made her feel, pay attention. If a man can’t afford few moments of his time to listen to a woman, he shouldn’t be in a relationship.
  2. Give her your full support
    Every person needs an encouragement and support from their partner. And so do women. Encourage her to fulfill her dreams, her ambitions and her goals. Most women are dreamers, but they are also doers. But if a woman has no kind of support from her partner in a relationship, then he obviously doesn’t respect her either.
  3. Keep all doors of communication open
    Express yourself and let the other person share their views too. Always keep the communication open between you and your partner. Say what you have to say, and don’t hold things in. Let the other person know about the things which bother you in the relationship and try to make it known instead of holding it inside.
  4. Stop neglecting; instead make her a priority
    Make her feel that she is important to you. Take out time for her and take care of her needs. That doesn’t mean that one needs to worship her like the goddess she is but rather, make it known to her that she is important to you. Don’t avoid or neglect her. Because more than likely she has made you a priority on several occasions, and it’s nice to return the favour.
  5. Show Kindness
    A random compliment, smile or a hug or simply making a surprise dinner for her will definitely lift up her spirit on those days when she feels low. All of us have bad days and we require our partner to be there for us and bring a little sunshine into our life.
  6. Be Honest
    Honesty is one of the most important ingredients to nurture a healthy relationship. Without honesty there can never be any level of respect. If you aren’t honest with your partner, how can you expect her to remain honest with you all the time?
    One must always remember that if you want to be respected by someone else, one must learn to respect themselves first. It is only by Self-respect that you can compel others to respect you.”