Most of the house owners generally feel the need to hire an interior designer to decorate the house. But before they could do this, other essential expenses creep in. This usually forces them to keep a small interior decoration budget to operate with. But, does that mean your living room would continue to look unattractive? Not at all! The living room is considered as one of the most important space in the house. This is the place where you greet guests and it should be decorated like a masterpiece. This is the place from where the guests will get to know about your tastes and liking.

Before decorating this quintessential living room, one must have a plan in hand. It is good to have certain design goals in hand. There are a number of cost effective ideas available in the market. But is it feasible to follow all of these? No! Here are some tips which will help you to turn your living room into a masterpiece of style and class.

Tip #1: Choose subtle colors for Walls
Always go for sophisticated shades in whites, creams and other colors to make the living room brighter and cleaner. Avoid choosing heavy colors as it may spoil the look.

Tip #2: Work with the Accent Wall
Accentuate the overall look of the living room by showing some creativity on the Accent wall. Use them as your canvases and go for bold colors. One can choose attractive, jewel toned, hues for this wall. Try to match the colors with the surrounding furniture to make it more appealing.

Tip #3: Get Creative about Chairs
Introduce chic and modern furniture in your living room to give it a unique look. One can choose stylish statement chairs along with a conventional sofa set. Today, chairs in various shapes and sizes are available, so choose one that matches your aesthetics.

Tip #4: Install Mirrors
Light and space are the two important ingredients for a living room. Install mirrors in various sizes on the bigger walls, so that it can reflect plenty of light throughout the room. It makes the room look spacious, well lit and modern.

Tip #5: Play with space below the Mirror
The area around the mirror is one of the focal points of your room and should be used wisely. One can choose to install shelves in various sizes and patterns just below the mirror. Place few glass bottles or may be some of your precious photos in attractive frames to decorate the area.

Tip #6: Light it up
Lighting fixtures are an important living room decoration aspect. Instead of spending heavily on many decorative light fixtures, a good option is to choose a good looking and creative shade with gives enough light to keep the living room well lit. Opt for a thrift chandelier or pendant lighting to grab the attention of your guests.

Tip #7: Add a Dash of Color with Throw Pillows and cushions
A dark color boring sofa can be transformed into something interesting by adding few colorful and differently designed throw pillows. These would add some color to the otherwise mundane looking sofa.

Tip #8: Think about floors
When on a small budget, rather than going for expensive and hand-woven carpets, one can choose Animal prints or cut out rugs, which come in various color patterns, for giving a perfect look to the living room.

Tip #9: Hide the Television
Most modern day homeowners like to have the television installed in their living room. Cover up your television by adding few shelves over and around the television. These shelves should be decorated with trendy glass items or other masterpieces. This way you neutralize the effect of the television.

Tip #10: Install Long Drapes for a spacious look
High ceilings add a sophisticated look to the living room. But for those who do not have them, go for some long drapes throughout the room. The curtains should start at a point where the ceiling ends and flow down sufficiently to the floor.

Tip #11: Introduce few classy paintings
Do not forget to add oversized paintings in your living room. It will give an elegant personality to the living room. Try to avoid overly colorful and dull paintings. It is better to maintain a balance between the paintings you choose and its effect on the décor.

Tip #12: How about a Bookcase in your Living room
Book shelves are an important part of modern day living rooms. So, hit the local furniture market in your area and pick an attractively designed case which can turn into the focal point for the room. Do not stock all your books on it. Try to keep it simple and elegant by adding few decorative items too.

So rather than spending thousands of rupees on decoration follow these easy tips and make your make your guests envious with your living room decor!