Are you wearing the half Windsor, a head turning Ferragamo or a Gieves & Hawkes classic? Well, a tie says a lot about your personality. Leaders like Barack Obama choose red tie with a dark suit to impart important messages. According to color experts, choosing a tie reflects a lot about your personality. Choosing a tie conveys power, trust, position, peace, calm and dependability and can be worn to establish trust and credibility. While sometimes, it suggests a predictable, cold and conservative attitude.

Wearing a particular tie helps others to understand what kind of a man you are and what kind of a person you want to be.

Read on to know about the most trending styles of wearing a tie:

    The neck tie is one of the most preferred styles chosen by men for dinners, work, church and events.
    The neck tie gives a supreme and sophisticated look.
    The one who choose a bow tie are considered to be eccentric, fashion freaks or like to stand out from the crowd.
    Choosing a knot depends on choice and personal liking.
    Most of the people choose a knot which they have been wearing since years or prefer to choose the one liked by their elders and friends.
    Few men like to choose more complicated, intricate knots such as the rose knot or Eldredge knot. They are generally fascinated with the complexity of such tricky knots.
    The uber-skinny knots like small knot or the Prince Albert knot looks stylish and unconventional.
    The material, which one chooses for a tie, says a lot about your preference and so choosing a fabric is a very important decision. In olden days, silk tie was chosen by the rich for events. Few people, who were unable to wear a silk tie, chose polyester ties. Nowadays, the options are diverse and once can find ties made of knitted wool, satin and cotton.

Different colours and patterns can have positive or negative effects. Few people like to go with bright colours and patterns on the tie. While others have a preference for plain ties.

Brighter colours show a high-spirited side of your personality and patterned ties in hounds tooth, herringbone and pin check can add an element of complexity to the attire.

Blue colour ties are an indication of trust, calm, peace, dependability and conservative attitude.

Red colour conveys power, energy, strength, assertiveness, aggressiveness and danger. It is worn to gather attention and to look authoritative.

A Yellow tie conveys cheer, creativity, optimism, energy and friendliness. It makes a person look happier, friendly and approachable.

Green indicates calmness and confidence. It is perfect for people who are trustworthy and dependable.

An Orange tie indicates vibrancy, creativity and also dominance. It makes one look more energetic, enthusiastic and peppy.

A person wearing a Grey tie symbolizes a reserved and a cool character.

The choice of wearing a tie on any occasion entirely depends on the mood and personality of the person. One must choose a tie consciously to set the right impression. Men must always remember to harmonize their attire with the tie they choose. Do not go for a contrasting shade. A safe option is to choose a tie in Charcoal to dark grey and dark navy. These colors are universal and enhance one’s signature look.