Today, IT security has become of the key areas where companies need to put all their focus.According to a 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, there has been a substantial increase in the number of cyber-crimes in the past few years. Due to this, the companies have been facing constant threat from hackers almost every minute. The pressure on the web administrators and system managers to safeguard the confidential details of the companies continuously rising and they need to keep up with patches every time vulnerability is reported.

Almost all the businessesexisting today are vulnerable to targeted attacks. All we need to do is to constantly update our security systems and develop mechanisms to protect our networks from being hacked. But why do hackers attack company networks?

For Financial reasons
Hackers mostly target organizations like banks and financial institutions. They disable the computer networks by hacking them and threaten to release confidential data in the market.To restore the network, the hackers generally blackmail the companies for a certain amount of money.

To steal confidential information and innovative ideas
Hackers generally look out confidential information related to business and misuse them.Various Pharmaceuticals and technology companies are some of the victims that have fallen for cyber-attacks. Hackerstry to steal innovative ideas from their databases and use them for their own purpose by altering them.

But can companies and businesses devise a full proof plan to save theircomputer networks from being breached? Yes, here are 5 ways to successfully protect your business from cyber-attacks:

#1 Design and implement a fool proof security plan
In order to prevent cyber-attacks, companies need to design concrete security plans to safeguard their network and information from being hacked. They must highlight the best practices regarding how employees access email, social media and the internet. Passwords must be set as per rules and should be changed regularly.

#2 Mandatory to update security systems
Majority of companies rely on third party security apps in order to protect their computer networks. It is important to ensure that all security systems are up-to-date and have received latest patches.

#3 Perform security audits
Companies must have an in-house software and security team to develop customized solutions. There should be regular Security audits to reveal vulnerabilities.The team must fix up the issues and take measures to prevent it from happening again.Certain applications from third party vendors can be installed on computer networks to control attacks.

#4 Incorporate two factor authentication
Many businesses still use simple passwords for their networks. These can be hacked easily. Companies should incorporatetwo factor authenticationswhich involves a two-step login process to access certain private folders on the shared networks.

#5 Make use ofEncryption techniques
Majority of hackers target customer records for sensitive information. It is important for companies to encryptcustomer’s data by using advanced encryption techniques. This will prevent the hackers to decrypt the data.

Whether big or small, businesses must primarily focus onthe ways to strengthen their securitysystems.Separate teams should be assigned the job to perform regular security audits, design security plans, encrypt customer data, update security systems and incorporate two factor authentication.