This article is dedicated to all the fashion lovers who love to experiment with their look. We all love attending parties. Parties go around the clock. They are not limited to a particular time or season. Each one of us tries our best to steal the attention by picking up the best of the clothes from our closet. But have you realized how important accessories are?

Accessories can literally make or break your look. When choosing fashion accessories one needs to colour coordinate it with the costume. Here are a few tips which might be helpful to choose right accessories next time when you party.

  • Always keep the color in mind:
    Never include too many colors in your outfit. It will simply ruin your look. In general, don’t use more than three colors in your whole ensemble.

Try to color coordinate your outfit and accessories. When you’re wearing black, white or other neutrals carry accessories of any color. On the other hand, with a colorful outfit one can pick up an accessory of any color matching with your outfit. Safe is to choose one of the color from your dress. The important thing is that your fashion accessories shouldn’t clash.

Always keep the basic color wheel in mind which includes Primary colors like red, blue and yellow and Secondary colors, which are made by mixing primary colors. Try to match these colors on the same level of lightness or darkness.

  • Play with patterns carefully:
    Watch out when experimenting with bold, adventurous and unusual patterns, prints and designs. If you are wearing patterns, carry basic and simple accessories. Choose subtle jewelry to accentuate your look.

Keep the accessories simple for ruffled, sequined, embroidered or otherwise embellished garments: Wear minimalist accessories to keep the emphasis on your outfit.

Experiment with handbags, clutches, potlis and slings to enhance your look.

  • Never forget the style of your outfit:
    Fashionable accessories define your style. They not only depend on one’s outfit, but one must equally consider the shape, size and body structure before choosing accessories.
  • Kinds of common accessories:
    Simple classy accessories: This look is the safest and always comes handy when you are uncertain. This includes: pearl, gold, silver or diamond-stud earrings, silk scarf, leather clutch and classic black pumps.
  • Glamorous accessories: This look must be chosen for an evening or late night party. Such accessories make you look bold and leave a lasting impression. It includes: chandelier earrings, necklace with studs and stones, large cocktail ring, embellished clutches, and sky-high heels.
  • Playful accessories: These accessories are perfect whenever you are hanging out with friends or going out for outings with besties. It includes chunky jewelry, butterfly bracelets, sling bags, hairbands, colorful belts and colorful flats
  • Workday accessories: These accessories are best suited for professionals who want to have a chic and classy look all day long. It includes- delicate necklace and bracelets, classic watch, handbags or shoulder bag and simple heels or even flats.
  • Casual accessories: Going out for a movie date on a weekend? Try the casual look which includes candy-colored bracelet or watch, sunglasses, sling bag, floppy hats and knee-high boots or sandals.

Always try to include accessories to your look. They are an important part of one’s wardrobe. Remember that accessories should not overpower your outfit and make you look tacky. One can always take expert advice or check out blogs to understand what to wear.