Most of us while applying makeup generally ignore our eyes and leave that area of the face unfinished. It’s time to learn new trends in the world of makeup and accentuate your beautiful eyes.

How you wear your eye makeup can tell a lot about a person. Doing the most suitable eye makeup and wearing the right colors is very important while dressing up. One can simply use a bold color across the eyelid, curl your lashes, and apply mascara to transform one’s look.

After understanding the importance of eye makeup, one must decide the style to follow. One can choose to use bold, bright colors or use neutrals and nudes and go for a more subtle look.

Let’s have a look at the 5 popular eye makeup trends:

1. The Bold Cat Eye look: The Cat eye makeup has been popular since a very long time. Initially, Cleopatra and then celebs like Brigitte Bardot, Rita Hayworth, Starlet Edie Sedgwick of Andy Warhol fame, and classic beauty Audrey Hepburn have accentuated their look by wearing this makeup.

  • For this look, one can begin with a liner and then apply your liquid or gel. Go over it again for the darker and bolder look.
  • To start with, apply the color with a pencil liner till the end to where it would have naturally gone if you were to make a line from the corner of your bottom lash line upwards. Take it upwards at the end and then connect it back down to where you started. Try to fill in all the gaps and then use a liquid or a gel to complete the look.

2. Color eyeliner look : Experiment with colors and rather than choosing black or brown eyeliners, change your look by trying out bronze, blue, green, teal, plum, violet, eggplant, and purple etc.

  • One can choose to skip the eye shadow and go for the violet, teal or bronze applied just across the lid along the lash line to start.

3. The Retro eyeliner look:  This look got so popular in 2014 that all the female celebrities, models, personalities were seen flaunting this look.

  • For this look, one can go for the classic lash strip on your top lashes.
  • One can also add few lash clusters or individual lashes to the bottom lashes to go retro.
  • Another option is to use individual lash clusters with enough space between them. Add a coat of liner on the top and bottom lash line to blend false and natural lashes. Also, enhance your look by using mascara on your natural and false lashes.

4. Go sultry with Metallic:  Enhance the look of your eyes by adding bold metallic colors like gunmetal, plum, and teal across the lids.

  • Metallic colors on the eyes can be used with eyeliner or eye shadow.
  • For a sultry look, adding a pop of metallic shadow to the center of your eyelid works like an instant upgrade.

5. Return of Blue eyeliner: Different shades of blue have yet again made an entry into the world of eye makeup trends. This look, when done tastefully, can make brown eyes look even more beautiful.

  • For the look, one can choose to use teal or aquamarine colored shadow or opt for a pastel blue.
  • Become the center of attraction by applying a pastel blue shadow over bronze shadow directly to the center of the eyelid. One can also experiment with a pretty shade of purple to get the look.

So all you beauties out there do not forget to enhance the most beautiful feature on your face i.e. your eyes by following your favorite trend.