Are you sleep deprived? Well, if the answer is yes, there is something wrong with your lifestyle, sleeping pattern or it may be likely that one might be suffering from a disease. After a hectic day at work, many of us experience sleepless nights due to stress. As a result, the following day we feel sluggish, dull and inactive. The brain cells tend to work slower than usual and make us more forgetful and irritable. According to studies, sleep deprivation makes the brain sluggish and it gets difficult for the brain to communicate effectively which can further lead to temporary mental delays and vision disorder.

According to researches, doctors have been able to come up with significant changes in the functioning of the brain due to sleep deprivation.

A study was conducted on few patients suffering from epilepsy. During the study, electrodes were implanted in their brains to understand the pattern of activity in the brain.  The electrodes helped the doctors to monitor hundreds of individual brain cells and understand their functioning caused by sleep deprivation. The patients were made to stay up for an entire night and were given various brain activities to categorize images of faces, places and animals within a time limit. As a result, the patients got tired and their brain started functioning slowly. The doctors primarily focused on the patterns of electrical activity in the temporal lobe. They were fascinated to see the dampened brain cell activity. The neurons were robbed of their ability to function properly and responded slowly than usual.

The researchers compared the brain activity of a sleep deprived person to a drunken man. The study revealed how a sleep-deprived driver takes longer to see a pedestrian stepping in front of his car because of overtired brain. They also said that the neurons in the brain tend to work slower and take longer to translate information and convert visual input into sensible thought.

The researchers further noticed that some parts of the brain are more affected than other parts in case of a sleep deprived person. Few parts of the brain experienced sluggish activity while rest of the parts function normally.

The lack of sleep causes drowsy driving and increases the number of fatal crashes on the road yearly. It is always better to rest a while, take a nap and then hit te road to avoid damages.