Since the evolution of the human beings, women have been trying to find the ways to allure men by their physical appearance. In the course of time, they have acquired some skills to grab the male attention. A lot of women dream of having a curved back posture like Kim Kardashian, Jenifer Lopez, and Rihanna but they seldom think about the reason behind this behavior. This arched posture attracts men, and recently this notion is proved in research.

A current study has shed light on the men’s behavior towards a curvaceous female body. According to the survey, men are captivated by the women who slightly curves their back. The research paper was published in Springer’s Journal Evolutionary Psychological Science. Farid Pazoohi, a psychological researcher from the University of Minho in Portugal, and his team of researchers used 3D model and eye tracking technology in this research.

The team has found out that a slight thrusting out of a woman’s hips can hold the male gaze. The team created six computer-generated models of a woman’s upper body. The team member photographed each of the models in a slightly different posture from the front side and back. A group of heterosexual male and female students saw these images and rated the attractiveness of each model.

Animals like rats, guinea pigs, sheeps, cats, etc. curve their lower spine towards their belly as a signal mate. This posture is called a lordotic posture, which is probably evolved as part of courting behavior of humans that suggest that a woman is ready to court by a man. The results of the study showed that a slight change in the angle of a woman’s back could alter the perception of her attractiveness to men. The most arched model was rated high in the index of attractiveness.

The results of eye-tracking data revealed that both male and female participants watched the rear view for a much longer time than the side or front angle. The male participants looked at the hips of the model, whereas the female participants looked at the waist area.

Pazoohi explained that the arched back profoundly influenced the male gaze. The visual attention to the hip area suggests that the arching back phenomenon or lordosis might be a signal of female proceptivity in women. He added that this might explain why women wear high heel shoes and why wearing high heel shoes increases women’s attractiveness.