Do you often go through sleepless nights and feel grumpy the following day? Sleepless nights could actually affect your health in a number of ways. Apart from making you dull, emotionally weak and sleepy, lack of sleep is related to one’s wellbeing. According to experts, depression, stress and anxiety are closely related to poor quality sleep.

Benefits of getting enough sleep every night:

Maintaining a proper sleep-wake cycle or circadian rhythm has a lot of benefits on your body.

  • It helps to keep the body weight under control.
  • Less sleep makes you excessively lethargic and you tend to eat high calorie food. It is directly related to increased risk of obesity in both children and adults
  • Proper sleep plays an important role in fighting depression and reduces anxiety.
  • A good night sleep improves memory and concentration.
  • One can focus better on work and perform well after an adequate night’s rest. Better problem-solving skills and increased productivity are other benefits.
  • Adequate sleep improves speed, accuracy and reaction time.

So how to get a good night’s sleep?

One must try to maintain sync between the body’s sleep-wake cycles. This can be done by setting up a fixed sleep time and wake up time every day.

  • Try to avoid sleeping on odd hours during weekends as this may disturb your natural sleep-wake rhythm.
  • Take smart naps if you feel like resting for a while. Limit it to 10-15 minutes without disturbing your routine.
  • Say no to after-dinner drowsiness by engaging yourself into something more interesting like washing dishes, calling a friend or going for a stroll.
  • Limit exposure to light: Switch off all the lights in your room before sleeping. There is a hormone called as Melatonin, secreted by brain, when it’s dark.
  • Always keep the AC at a moderate temperature. It should not get very cold or hot to disturb your sleep at night.
  • Remove any broken strings/chimes/ bells from bedroom area to minimize noise.

Tips to keep your bedroom only for sleep:

Here are a few prerequisites which one must consider to have an ideal place for resting:

  • Choose a good quality mattress, pillow and quilts as per choice and liking. Always choose subtle colors which relax you more. Place them properly in your room as per convenience.
  • Remove extra gadgets like IPad, mobiles, TV and computers from your bedroom. They tend to distract your attention when you need sleep.
  • It is advisable to get into comfortable pajamas while going to bed. Stay away from noise, light sources, eating just before sleep, drinking coffee and alcohol before sleeping. Best is to take a hot shower and ease into bed with a book.