Youth and fashion go hand in hand. The youngsters try to imitate the changing fashion trends without realizing the importance or need for it. Fashion is not permanent. It is something passing and transitory, or a mere craze of the moment. Generally the fashion trends popular today, might completely lose their charm after a few days.
Youngsters try to adopt the latest fashion quickly. The youth specially are mad after it. They do not realize that over spending on such trends is sheer wastage of money and time. Changing fashion impacts their lifestyles, style preferences and choices to a great extent.
Fashionable young men and women spend hours and hours dressing up like their favorite celebrities. Modern kids of all age groups waste their precious time and energy in buying clothes and accessories according to the latest fashion. They blindly follow the fashion, however ridiculous it may be. Youngsters go out of their way to waste money earned by parents to fulfill their fashion needs.
There are a lot of factors which affect the youth to accept these trends :
Peer pressure: Most of the young boys and girls take decisions according to the peers and friends around them. They do not shy away from accepting trends which are of no use. They happily copy the styles of their own friends to stay in the limelight.
Extravagant Lifestyle: It is wrong to completely blame the youth for following the latest trends. In some cases, parents must also be held guilty to provide an extravagant and lavish lifestyle to kids. Kids belonging to hyper-wealthy families have never been stopped from fulfilling their needs and they develop the habit of wasting money and time on latest fashion trends.
The role of Media: The role played by cinema and TV are the most important sources of fashions. The cinema goers see different styles of dresses and make up and eventually get inspired to follow it blindly. They consider actors and actresses as their ideal and copy their outfits blindly.
Foreigner friends: Having foreigners as friends also influences youngsters to imitate their culture and style. More and more people are constantly coming in contact with people from other countries, and try to imbibe their culture and choices. Fashion freaks love watching fashion shows, beauty competition, and read lots of blogs related to fashion, lifestyle and latest trends to stay stylish.
The latest fashion trends rapidly spread from the rich to the poor and from the advance and prosperous countries to the backward and poor ones. By the time the fashion has reached from one class or country to another, it tends to get old, rotten and gets replaced by the new one. The youth must be stopped from following fashion blindly. They must be made aware about the wastage of time and the importance of parents’ money.