A cleaner and healthier environment is an ideal place to work for both employees and employers. Introducing healthy plants in the office helps to reduce stress, soothes eyes and adds to the overall beauty of the office premises.
Let us have a look at the benefits of going green in the office :

  • Plants help to reduce stress
    According to studies, introducing plants at the workplace helps to reduce stress and anxiety amongst the staff members. The presence of plants makes the office a healthier place, lifts the spirits and improves the performance of employees.
  • Enhanced productivity
    Plants have the ability to absorb excess carbon dioxide in the air which leads to increased concentration and higher productivity among employees. It has been proved that employees are able to focus better and commit fewer mistakes in comparison to others.
  • Office plants provide clean air to breathe
    Most of the office buildings are sky scrapers and are centrally air-conditioned without the presence of fresh air. The sealed air present inside closed rooms carries a number of toxic pollutants than outside air. Placing plants at different places in the office improves the air quality and stabilize humidity levels.
  • A better place to work in
    Availability of plants in the office provides a nicer, calmer and cleaner place to work in. Since most of the employees spend considerable time in office, adding a green patch provides a fresh look to the employees and clients.
  • Easy to get rid of mold and bacteria.
    Maintaining a ratio of 1 plant per 4 employees improves the air quality within the office premises. It also helps to get rid of excess CO2 and reduces the presence of dust, mold and bacteria.
  • Office plants can reduce noise pollution
    Plants have the ability to reduce noises and are planted along highways to reduce noise pollution. Using the same concept, it is beneficial to place plants near marble walls, concrete and wooden floors at the workplace. This helps the employees to concentrate better and improve their productivity.
  • Plants help to break the monotony and keeps us fresh and healthy at work
    As per experts, the presence of plants at workplace can reduce certain problems like dry skin, Coughs, headache and fatigue by 20% to 30%.
    So which plants are best to be kept in the office?
    Some of the plants are:
    Spider plants
    Rubber plant
    Peace lily
    African violet
    Jade Plant