Whether you wear an expensive three-piece suit or carry an elegant white shirt, a nice pair of shoes always complete your looks. According to an old saying, people judge a gentleman by his shoes. One needs to be very careful about his choice of shoes, especially when the occasion is important. You can’t afford a wild choice in a job interview or the first date. Whether it is related to the job or beginning of the love life, your proposal has very rare chances of approval with odd shoes. So, to improve the probability of your approval, we are suggesting you some elegant shoe styles.

Suede Loafers
The uniqueness of Suede loafers’ lies in its elegant yet casual looks. You can wear them with formal suits or can pair it with casual dresses. It will always add to your style quotient. These shoes require a great care by its owner. Please avoid these shoes in the wet season as the water can spoil the leather.

Classic Oxford
Classic Oxford is the best choice for formal wear since ages. There are several designs and styles available in various brands that enhance the versatility of this very trusted shoe style. The simplicity of these shoes complements the formal attire and subtly enhances your grace.

Ankle Boots
Boots are the signs of dominance and power. These shoes enhance the gravity of your presence. From the dance floor to office bay, you can find these shoes everywhere. These shoes always secure their place in the charts of trending footwear for men. So, buy a pair of Ankle Boots and unleash the raw side of your personality.

Sneakers have added the spice to the style quotient. These shoes don’t understand the boundary between formal and casual wear. When paired with formal wear these shoes add a twist to the boring formal style. From the red carpet of significant events to the streets of the locality, these shoes have dominated the footwear world regarding popularity.

The design of these shoes gave them a unique character and name. Originating in Scotland, these shoes gained popularity all over the world. The comfort of wearing is another advantage with these shoes. Pair them with any outfit; brogues will never disappoint you.

The believers of foot styling always keep looking for new styles and designs, but one thing is for sure that if your shoe rack has these five styles, you will never be busted by the fashion police. Your office colleagues will find you more grounded and you will steal the thunder in a nightclub.