Well, a DNA test can teach you a lot about your health and diet and it can also help you choose the best diet that suits your body. Because of the Human Genome Project, doctors have been able to identify genes that regulates our body. It is because of GWAS (The Genome Wide Association Studies) we can have a diet and health plan according to our genes. By the DNA test we can know virtually every important trait of our body for example, from absorbing nutrients, salt consumption to how our body reacts to exercise, almost every trait and characteristics of our body can be known. Within the past few years the trend of DNA test for better diet plans have been increasing but due to some scepticism and conspiracy theories governments are not allowing this test. Our DNA is unique, it has its own unique traits and our bodies’ acts differently and uniquely hence, no test come up with 100 percent assurance. But still, we can know a lot of facts about our bodies’.

Why do people take DNA test to have an accurate diet plan for weight loss?
Since our bodies are unique, hence a general diet cannot help us achieve the desired result in limited time. DNA test based diet plan can tell us how our body metabolizes food and how it react towards different food and beverages. For example, the Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor Gamma also known as PPARG gene codes for protein that work in the formation of fat cells in our body and also help us to understand how our body uses carbohydrates and fats to create energy. And individuals who have CC kind of gene their body reacts negatively towards refined carbohydrates and fats, hence, a DNA test can prove very beneficial to them in preparing and maintain a right diet plan that suits their body.

How it works in determining your workout regimen;
By genetic testing our endurance level can also be determined. ACE gene (The Angiotensin Converting Enzyme) plays a crucial role in the development of super endurance level in athletes. According to studies that focused on the influence of ACE I/D gene polymorphism on aerobic endurance have informed that ACE II genotype particulars have higher resistance to muscle fatigue than the ACE DD genotype.

Hence, there are many advantages of DNA test for determining workout regimen and Diet plan but one should consider giving it some thoughts before taking in the test. Because people from marketing agencies and insurance companies might misuse it for their market agencies.