In recent years, hair supplements industry is blooming at a great speed because people in the present millennium are facing a lot of issues with their hair, from hair damage, to baldness these hair issues have a bad effect on people’s self-esteem or self-image hence, people in large numbers from every phrase of life are drawing towards hair vitamins or hair supplements to rebuilt their confidence and self-esteem. Everyone wants their hair to shine and look stronger and thicker but due to excessive pollution and eating habits, people are losing the shine and thickness in their hair. Since, current generation have become busy than humanity has ever been they do not have much time to take care of their hair so they use hair supplements pills to restore their hair. But there is no conclusive evidence whether hair supplement pills actually work or not.

Since, everyone wants healthy and thicker locks, people around the globe are spending at least $176 million annually for hair growth, or restoration. It is a fact that most hair supplements contains almost same vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to hair, for example, in almost every hair supplement we can find Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Biotin and Vitamin B3. It has been observed that these vitamins are essential for hair growth and has been used world widely for their efficient effect on hair restoration. These vitamins are also found in beverages and many food items because these vitamin efficiently works on our body too.

According to hair stylist Devin Toth of Salon SCK, New York City, hair supplements pills are not ‘made up pills’ rather they our bodies are already taking them through different foods and beverages and they should be part of our diet too. According to Toth, taking hair supplements consistently ensures a healthier hair growth because supplement pills ensures that nutrients and vitamins contained in them reaches to our bloodstream to essential organs, then to our hair follicles and cortex.

How Vitamins strengthen our Hair

Vitamin C – Vitamin C is considered as the most important and effective for our hair growth. It produces collagen in our body which is a rich source of protein. Vitamin C has anti-oxidant properties due to which it stops the free radical formation in the body. The free radical damages our hair hence results in hair loss. So, vitamin c due to its anti-oxidant properties stops free radical formation in our body which thereby improves our overall hair health.

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid has an overall impact on our body, it not only reduces hair fall but it also maintains elasticity to our skin, bones, muscles, teeth, blood vessels etc. Leafy greens, broccoli, kiwi fruit, green peas, oranges, tomato and many other foods are rich in Vitamin C so do include them in your diet if you want healthy hair.

Vitamin A– vitamin A is essential for hair growth because it not only repairs hair but also keep the scalp moist. And many hair treatment products contains vitamin A because it stimulates hair growth. But too much Vitamin A can have bad effects on your body. So do not take it in excessive level. Butter, eggs, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes are some of foods that are rich in Vitamin A.

Vitamin B3; Vitamin B3 also called as nicotinic acid plays a major role in hair growth. It is a water soluble acid that helps out=r body to create energy through food. Vitamin B3 improves blood flow and bring more blood to the scalp and bring more oxygen and nutrients to hair which in turn improves our hair’s health. Foods like, beef, eggs, tuna, nuts and mushrooms contain Vitamin B3.

Biotin; biotin is key ingredient to hair supplements in the hair care industry. Biotin also known as Vitamin B7 is used extensively in hair growth market to improve thinning hair and used in hair thickening products. Biotin is found is eggs and nuts and is very useful for thickening hair.

Though, many hair supplements pills contains these vitamins but their efficiency is not yet fully proved. Also excessive intake of any vitamin may cause some serious problems to your health too. Hence, consult your dermatologist before taking up any kind of hair supplements pill. Also keep a check on your health.