Do you ever wonder why influential personalities and thought leader in the corporate world and politics always seen wearing suits? What makes these men wear sophisticated formals when they can manage in shirts and trousers? People often think that wearing a suit is some kind of dress code and if you are one of those people, then this article is going to be an eye-opening session for you. Recent research has proved that dressing formally helps in enhancing the creative thinking in men.

Research submitted by the students of Columbia University has revealed the relationship between formal dressing and its cognitive consequences. The study was published in the Journal of Social Psychological and Personality Science. It proved the notions that placing a cloth on physical body influences the impressions on others. The study also suggests that formal clothing induces more abstract cognitive processing.

The research team conducted six experiments to find out the impact of wearing formal clothes on the wearer. The subjects responded about how they are feeling in formal attire and then they participated in a cognitive task. The team found that that the formally dressed subjects demonstrated the higher ability of abstract thinking. According to the research team, wearing formal clothes makes people feel powerful and brings a sense of social distance from others. There are several examples in the literature where power and abstract thinking are linked to each other.

The leader of the research team Mr. Rutchick speculates that people who run businesses might need to think abstractly while other employees are required to focus on additional details. In one among the several experiments, the researchers found that well-dressed and groomed women get the friendliest and fastest service in a clothing boutique because they seem more likely to buy. He added that abstract thinkers have not necessarily an advantage over others. They can think broadly and creatively but in a less oriented way. Author Josh Davis further added that the clothing could influence what we believe in and even the way we think.

You must have heard from your elders to dress appropriately while going for an interview or an important meeting. Now researchers have verified that suit up men are more likely to think creatively. The fundamental idea behind the theory was that wearing formal clothes would make people socially distant that promote the feeling of well-being which in turn improves the creative thinking.