Crested butte in Colorado is a heaven for bikers around the globe. It is also considered to be the birth place of mountain biking. It is a playground of skilled bikers and in summers mountain biking lovers from across the globe come here to make their biking experience more adventurous and thrilling. There is something for everyone, if you are a beginner and not much skilled with riding on mountains yet you crave to explore and experience this mountain biking experience then there are tracks that are suitably give you the most amazing and thrilling experience of your life. There are trails for both the beginners and experts so don’t stay at home in confusion whether you should give this a try or not because I am here to help you out with this;

The Lupine Trail for beginners and intermediate; as suggestive by the name the trail is surrounded by lupine flowers and awe inspiring. It is a quick ride from the town and offers many locals or beginners a pre or post work ride. The trail has some relatively easy climbs with small feature drops, fast descents with berms and offers a great view of crested butte with surrounding mountains. Its location is one of the best part as it allows one of the longest riding of any trail in the entire crested blue region.

Strand hills for Intermediate; crested butte classic is undoubtedly one of the best intermediate trails in the valley. It offers the great view of mighty Teocalli Mountain and a light view of tight aspen forest on your descent. Some root drops might be challenging for some bikers while other bikers like to launch them off. Fall is the great season to ride through strand and fortunately open to early season riding as well.

Trail 401 for advanced bikers; crested butte mountain biking is incomplete without trail 401. Trail 401 is considered to be the best part of mountain biking for advanced bikers. The trail has so much adventure to offer as it brings you up above the tree line and give you a gorgeous view of East River valley’s stunning landscapes and mountains. It is also considered as the pretty epic single track with lots of wildflowers that can even brush your helmet and handlebars. The biking here have a long 1,500 foot descent through the view of mount Belleview and weaving through tight aspen trees.

Dyke Trail for the advanced bikers; it is one of the most difficult trails as it offers some power climbs, stream crossing and one tough descent that makes it difficult to clear the whole trail. Though it is one of the toughest biking trail but it will take you to stunning Lake Irwin view that is surrounded by gorgeous Ruby Peak and Mt. Owen before your descent to aspen rich trail. If you are planning for only one riding then it is a great idea to take a ride on the Dyke.

Reno Flag Bearer Deadman for intermediate and advanced bikers; it is a one epic trail that will give you chills through your spine. It covers almost the entire mountain biking spectrum. It is filled with many adventures and fun, from long road climbs, straight and fast descent to ludicrous no of switchbacks this place offers you everything that a biker looks for in mountain biking. While it’s some of the trails are not world class yet it is something worth your time and experience. This 18 mile loop should surely be a part of your bucket list.