Listening to or watching podcasts while travelling can save you from falling into boredom while travelling in a long journey via bus, flight, or car travel. Talking of my personal experience with podcast it began in October last year when I waited for 16 hours at the airport. And now I have become addicted to podcasts. I found podcast a fun way to kill time while travelling. Here, are some of my favourites that I recommend you if you are still doubting over how to pass your time while travelling?

How I built this for entrepreneurial inspiration; travel brings out a new person within us and it is the best time to reflect and think about your passions and choices in life. If you are looking for something inspirational than you must try How I built this. How I built this is a very stirring and simulative show that talks about innovators, entrepreneurs and idealist and their struggle to achieve success. Each episode depicts a journey of a successful persons their triumphs, failures, attitude towards life and most importantly their spirit of fighting back and rising above. How I built has interviewed many successful start-ups like, twitter, Airbnb, Vice etc. so if you are in mood to inspire yourself then do watch this podcast.

Listen to my dad wrote a porno if you are in a fun and cringy mood; though for most people it look a little uncomfortable to read a piece of erotic literature written by their father, but that is not the case with Jamie Morton. In My Dad Wrote a Porno, Jamie Morton’s father leave him a masterpiece Belinda Blinked to tell him about his erotic encounters. But don’t forget to double check that your earphone sound as any person sitting next to you might get a hint of what you are indulging in.

Listen to Story Worthy to feel grounded; this podcast has many interesting episodes stimulatingly different from the previous ones. This podcast basically involves many guests talking and reflecting upon a 10 minute story concerning a major life event. This podcast has many shades, sometimes it is traumatic, and other time it is funny. But over all this a piece of heart-warming, humbling, raw stories each worth a listen.

Serial Series one for suspense and drama; it is a story based on true events which circles around Hae Min lee, a popular high school student at Woodlawn High school who mysteriously disappeared after school one day. Investigative journalist Sarah Koenig takes the case in her hand and delve into mysterious murder of Hae Min Lee. The narration of the story will leave you longing for answers.

The Adam Buxton Podcast if you are yearning for some funny conversation; the Adam Buxton Podcast number 50 features a recorded conversation of award winning Canadian stand up artist and actor Mae martin, which will make you feel like you are listening in to a chat between old friends which is somewhat often a case. Dr Buckles is surely the undisputed duke of comedy because only he can make literally make you laugh and cry in the space of just one episode.

Coffee Break Podcast for those who wants to learn a new language; if you are struggling to learn a new language or finding it difficult in adjusting to a new culture then listening to this podcast can help you tremendously. You can really learn many languages and this is a great platform for beginners to start with. From Chinese to Spanish, from German to French this podcast provide you all the necessary information about every language. Hence, if you want to utilise your free time and make it productive then you must try this podcast.