Tea tree oil also known as Melaleuca alternifolia is an essential oil camphoraceous odour which is found mainly in Southeast Queensland and Northeast Coast of New South Wales of Australia. It is a traditional product which has been used for at least hundred years to treat minor cuts, inflammation and skin problems like acne. It is a powerful antiseptic oil which has been extensively used kill bacteria, viruses and fungi. Science has also acknowledged the benefits of tea tree oil and its numerous uses. For over the past 10 years tea tree oil has been included in medicine, home cleaning products and skin care products. It is widely used to heal skin issues and to treat viral infections.
Though its uses and benefits are numerous, here, I bring you top 7 uses of tea tree oil that will make your life easier;

  • To heal Acne; the most famous use of tea tree oil is soothing dry flaking skin and removing acne. Tea tree oil has properties that are useful in removing dandruff and treating lice. You can also use this as a shampoo to treat your scalp and making tea tree oil shampoo is very easy for that you need to mix several drops of tea tree essential oil and mix it with aloe vera gel, coconut oil and another essential oil like lavender.
  • To treat toe nail fungus and ringworm; because of its anti-bacterial properties tea tree oil is very useful in fungal infections and is a wise choice to treat nail fungus and ringworm. Tea tree oil has the ability to kill parasites and because of its natural antifungal properties it can also be used as a floor cleaner and to treat and remove warts.
  • A Natural deodorant; because of the presence of antimicrobial properties, tea tree oil is a great choice for eliminating body odour as it destroys the bacteria on skin that causes bad body odour. Like tea tree shampoo you can also make tea tree body deodorant at home. For this you need to mix it with coconut oil and baking soda. Also you can get rid of the bad smell coming out of your shoes while you play by applying the mixture of tea tree oil and lemon essential oil to your shoes.
  • Tea tree oil as a cleaner; as I have mentioned above that tea tree oil has anti-bacterial properties so you can use it to kill off and remove bad bacteria in your home. It is a natural remedy for cleaning your house, and office. To make this natural remedy at home you are required to mix it well with lemon essential oil and water and then use it as a spray to clean counter tops, kitchen appliances, table, floor, toilet, sink etc.
  • Tea tree oil for treating cuts and small burns; tea tree oil when mixed with lavender oil makes an ointment for treating small cuts and burns. This mixture can be used as a first aid for minor infections and cuts. But make sure that you first wash the cut area with water and hydrogen peroxide if required then put a mixture of tea tree oil and lavender oil on the area required to be treated and then cover it with a bandage to prevent infection. The Journal of investigative dermatology also found that it is useful in Killing MRSA and Staph infections.
  • Useful in killing mold; another great benefit of tea tree oil is that it can be applied kill off mold and other harmful bacteria from your home. So spray it in the areas in which molds are more likely to develop like toilet and you can also use tea tree oil to clean dishwasher, laundry machine and shower curtains.
  • To treat cancer; last but surely not the least use of tea tree oil is that it has anti-cancer benefits and hence it can be used to prevent and treat cancer. Mix tea tree oil with frankincense oil and raspberry seed oil and then apply the mixture on affected are three times daily.