If you are a proud pet owner, then you must share a special bond with your pet. And if your pet happens to be a dog, you must be at the receiving end of his unconditional love, attention and occasional licks on the face. Pets are the great companions who not only keep their owners happy but healthy as well. Cuddling with them gives positive energy that keeps the stress and tension at bay.
Some dog owners are so much in love with their pets that they don’t mind taking them to their bed and sleeping with them at night. But it has always been a topic of discussion how the presence of a dog in bed or the bedroom affects the owner’s health and sleep quality. Is it safe for the allergic patients to sleep in the same room with a dog? Or do people suffer from sleep disorders while sleeping with their dogs in the same bed?
A recent study from the Mayo Clinic has revealed some interesting facts about sleeping with the dog. It has shown that sleeping with your dog in the same room causes no significant disturbance in the sleep. Although sleeping with your dog in the same bed can disrupt the sleep and lead to waking up several times at night. So, people who sleep with their dogs in the same room, but not in the same bed has a better sleep efficiency rate as compared to those who share the bed with their dogs. It is quite the opposite to that of sleeping with a human. Sleeping with a person in the same bed leads to better sleeping order than sleeping alone.
However, if you want to spend a good amount of time with your dogs, you can have them in your bedroom. It will comfort you and provide a sense of security without affecting your sleep.
Research has shown that sleeping with your dogs may have some healthy psychological effects, but your body might be at the risk of several infectious diseases. Especially the young, elderly, and people with weak immune system are at greater risk of picking up infections from their pets. And these infections, if not cured properly, can cause life-threatening diseases too. So, if you have a pet at home whom you often take to your bed, it is highly advisable to provide them with regular veterinary care. They should be given proper vaccinations, treatment against illnesses, and regular cleansing.
It is entirely dependent on the owners if they want to keep their dogs inside or outside the bedroom. Whatever their decision may be, the pet care is necessary to keep both pet and the owner healthy and safe from diseases.