To stay fit and well most of us follow a strict routine and perform regular exercises. People go to the gym, go for morning walks and avoid junk food to stay in good shape. But they are unaware of the fact that swimming is one of the best exercises, which is perfect for both mental health and physical health. It is an excellent workout for the entire body and burns more calories than jogging. Here in this article, we will talk about the several health benefits of swimming.

Workout for the Whole Body
Swimming is an exercise that works your entire body. It is an excellent workout for the cardiovascular health. It tones the muscles in the body and strengthens them. Swimming increases the heart rate without putting much stress on the body. It makes your lungs strong and improves the breathing problems such as asthma.

Helps To De-Stress and Relax
In this fast-paced life, we deal with a lot of stress and anxiety in our personal and working lives. Research has proved that swimming regularly can help lower the stress level. It reduces depression and anxiety and regulates the sleeping pattern. Swimming is also beneficial for the people who have anger issues as it helps to control the anger problems. It increases the self-esteem and confidence of people and makes them feel good about themselves.

Burns the Calories
Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise to burn calories. A half-hour session of swimming can burn double the calories than that of walking. And swimming faster helps burn the calories more quickly without getting overheated or sweaty. Burning calories by swimming also contribute to losing that extra weight you must be carrying.

Lowers the Risk of Diseases
Swimming regularly protects your body against several diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc. It is shown in research that swimming 30 mins every day helps to control blood sugar level, reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood, and maintains the blood pressure.

Beneficial For People with Injuries and Disabilities
Swimming is useful for people who have certain injuries, joint problems or disabilities. It helps reduce the pain and recuperate from injuries. Studies have proved that people with arthritis have experienced the remarkable improvement in joint pain and physical movement after engaging in swimming.

Helps Improve the Memory
Swimming regularly improves the way our brain functions and enhance the memory. It helps to repair the damaged blood cells and affect neurotransmitters that impact stress-reducing hormones. Swimming increases the ability of the brain to think more proficiently.

Great Option for Kids and Pregnant Women
Swimming is a fun exercise to perform that kids enjoy and love to be the part of it. So, it keeps them both healthy and happy. Swimming is safe to be carried out during pregnancy and known to alter the brain development in the offspring. In fact, it reduces the risk of premature labor and congenital heart diseases.

So, if you want to reap the benefits of swimming get ready from today itself. You can join a gym nearby that offers swimming classes or water aerobics sessions. As you start engaging in swimming on a regular basis, you will start noticing its positive effects on your body.