Using emojis while chatting with friends is a great fun. Emojis are basically pictorial representation of the feelings of the sender. They play a significant role while connecting with friends or family members. Though use of emojis makes you appear friendly and helps you gain popularity but it isn’t a very good idea to use them while dealing with serious business matters. Use of emojis have been commonly accepted and perceived as cool but doing business is not a light thing and it should not be taken in lighter manner. Here, I bring you some facts about why using emoji for business is not a good idea;

  1. Not All Emojis have specific meaning assigned to them; consider an emoticon of smiling through teeth, what it specifically implies, is it grinning or grimacing. These kind of emojis might give rise to confusion in other party’s mind. Hence, when involved in serious business, one should avoid using emoticons whose meaning and implication is under doubt.
  2. They make you appear less serious; though emojis are friendly but they also make you appear relaxed and less serious which is not a good thing in business matters. Business matters should be taken with responsibility and seriousness and your communication with your business partner should appear genuine and serious. It should not convey a lighter message or overly relaxed attitude as this might lead to dismissal or rejection of a business contract.
  3. Every culture have different behavioural patterns; business connect you with the world and its different religions and cultures. Every religion or culture hold a different set of behavioural patterns. So a certain innocent or just a flat smiley emoticon might be offensive in another culture. People of various cultures may use different patterns for greeting one another. Hence, using an emoticon while addressing a hello to them might offend their cultural values.
  4. It creates confusion; the fact that we react to emojis as a real human face and use them as a representative of our feelings and gestures might lead to confusion between the business parties if they come from two different social settings. The fact that we cannot directly know that what impression emojis have left on the other party may lead to a cultural bitterness between the parties. The receiving party never really directly tells you what they found offensive in your emoticon messages which results in depriving you of a chance of apology to them.
  5. Sarcasm generated from emojis might offend other cultures; though emojis are positively famous for lightening up the mood and bringing sarcasm in serious conversation, yet it may result in cultural offense. In many cultures, sarcasm is not always appreciated and you never know whether the other party understood what your sarcasm really means, hence, it might get you in a trouble while dealing with serious business relationship.