With the advancement of technology, manufacturers all around the world are inventing and upgrading new gadgets and machines. Every day, companies develop more advanced and progressive version of their existing devices to win the consumers and reserve a safe place in the technology market. The consumerism of electronic gadgets and devices is also increasing at a fast rate each year.

Recently, Segway Inc., the manufacturer of two-wheeled personal transporters announced two new self-balancing transporters, Segway miniLITE and miniPLUS at IFA 2017 in Berlin. The Segway miniLITE is a lightweight personal transporter that is perfect for the kids to ride indoors or in the neighbourhood. The Segway miniPLUS is a high-tech, self-balancing hoverboard designed for maximum functionality. This model is especially for adults who want an excuse to have fun like kids while riding it.

Segway miniLITE

The Segway miniLITE weights about 12.5 kgs that can attain the maximum speed of 16 km/hr and cover up the distance of 18 km on one full charge. It is handled with a knee control bar, which doubles as a carry handle and makes it easy to lift. The best thing about this hoverboard is you can take it with you wherever you go.

The miniLITE has customizable, colorful LED lights and a full-proof rider detector that will save riders from falling and getting hurt. It has wider and stronger wheels for comfortable travel over rough terrains and bumpy roads, and it is water-resistant too. This hoverboard comes with a Bluetooth feature that allows it to connect to your smartphone.

Segway miniPLUS

The Segway miniPLUS is a self-balancing hoverboard that can attain speed up to 20 km/hr and cover up the distance of 35 km on one full charge. It is equipped with IPX7 battery protection that makes it safe to use under all weather conditions.

The Segway miniPLUS has a special feature called Follow Me mode that can be operated through the remote control. This feature will allow the vehicle to follow you even when you are not riding it. Like the Segway miniLITE, this hoverboard also comes with the feature of customizable LED lights.

Both the models, Segway miniLITE and miniPLUS, can monitor the vehicle through the Ninebot by Segway app. Through the help of the app, users can check the speed, distance, mileage, and battery status of these hoverboards. The app also keeps users updated and connected to the other users nearby.

The new Segway mini-series additions- Segway miniLITE and miniPLUS are scheduled to be launched in autumn 2017. The pricing has not been announced yet, but the interested people are eagerly waiting for its launch in the market.