The year 2017 has been an alarming year regarding cybersecurity in the business companies and other organizations across the world. Be it a hacking group like The Shadow Brokers or ransomware like WannaCry; cyber threats have become the concern all over the globe. Just a month later, another much-advanced malware named Petya exploited its targets worldwide. From pharmaceutical companies to oil giants, from dating sites to hospitals, no organization is beyond the reach of these cyber threats. But what made these organization’s cybersecurity so vulnerable? Despite spending so much money in cybersecurity, no organization is safe from these attacks. So it’s the time to learn the advanced techniques of cybersecurity from the experts.

Six of the cyber experts have come together to provide classes for the effective cybersecurity. These experts are regularly watching the modus operandi of the cyber attackers and have designed their lessons according to the working style of hackers. Now, they are providing tips to avoid these online threats to keep your data safe from hackers. We are sharing some of the tips with you. So follow these guidelines and stay safe from the hacking activities in the online world.

Tip 1- Learn From the Past Experiences

According to the experts, WannaCry was one of the major cyber-attacks that have an enormous impact on National Health Services of United Kingdom. The hackers adopted the same old trick, and the recommendations are same too. The companies should conduct a cybersecurity survey frequently. They must use data-aware technologies that can prevent the snatching of sensitive data.

Tip 2- Securely Configure Your Cloud Server

Cloud misconfiguration has been the primary cause of data exposure in recent time. The Dow Jones and Verizon incident are examples of how cloud misconfiguration can lead to data exposure. The contact information of around 2 million Dow Jones customers was remained unprotected on the internet due to a configuration error on cloud storage. The same case happened with Verizon where cloud misconfiguration leads to the unauthorized exposure of the contact information of six million Verizon customers for nine days. So to avoid such mishappenings in future, companies should employ technology to supervise the cloud configurations.

Tip 3- Check Your Internet-Connected Devices

Internet-connected devices have become a soft target for hackers. Recently, hackers breach the cybersecurity of a North American casino through the fish tank connected to the Internet. Internet of things or network connected appliances and other devices are prone to cyber-attacks. So make sure that all your devices are hack proof otherwise your valuable data will be in mischievous hands. A constant monitoring can also spot the new threats of hacking.

So these are the tips to avoid any cyber-attack in your organization. Customer data is not just the information but the faith of millions of users who use your services and products. From now onwards, increase the frequency of your cyber monitoring, take help of gadgets and devices to stay safe from online threats and ransom wares.