Entering into a relationship is a beautiful thing but the efforts we put in after getting into relationship is what makes it long lasting and keeps it fresh through the years. Sharing a bond and making a commitment towards keeping your relationship healthy and strong do not require extraordinary efforts what it requires is some knowledge and understanding of ABC’s of your relationship. While it feels comfortable to grow mature and even old with your partner yet it is more exciting to keep that passion alive which sparkled in your heart in the initial months of your relationship. So, if you are keen to give your relationship a new start, a fresh beginning or want to make your bond stronger than just follow the following ABC’s of relationship.

Affection; show how fond you are of your partner. It gives the partner confidence and assurity that you are still attracted to him/her. It works as an engine to drive your passionate love for each other. Also pay attention to what makes them feel for you and also respect their choices in life.

Little surprises; yes, everyone loves surprises especially when they are made by their partners to cheer them. Do not wait for occasions like, Christmas, New Year’s or birthdays just make a little effort to let your partner know that they are still special some ones of your life. This gives a boost to your relationship, and also makes it exciting.

Quality Time; for spending a quality time with your beloved doesn’t require that you take an off from work or plan long holidays with him/her, it actually means planning things together, executing them together, playing cards, chess, basketball, or any other game in your time with them. By doing this you and your partner will have beautiful memories of each other to cherish and also you will have so much to talk about and plan together.

Making apologies and accepting apologies; in every relationships accepting and making apologies are must because if a partner apologizes to the other partner it is necessary for the good of the relationship that the other beloved must accept his/her partner’s apologies whole heartedly because if your partner is at fault and he/she is apologizing for their actions that means they are expecting you to completely let go of the matter you are upset about. In this way apologies will be more meaningful and will not get weary through the time. It will hold its value and both the partners will not get into the habit of automatically of wearily saying sorry.

Set your Priorities; in most of the relationships the real tension arises out of not clearing your priorities. Yes, most relationship suffers because the partners are somehow uncertain about their priorities. This leaves the other partner hanging in between. So, always talk out and make clear your priorities with your partner so that they can better understand you and give you the time you need for yourself and your goals.

Boundaries; yes, setting boundaries is also an important part of any relationship. Though, you are a couple and you really love your partner doesn’t give you a right to invade his/her personal space. We all need some personal space, a ‘me’ time with our own selves to understand our goals better. Hence, give your partner some space to resolve the issues they might be facing.

Bossiness; establish a bond with your beloved that he/she has never shared with anybody. Make beautiful memories with your partner. Even if your partner likes you to take control of his/her life never boss him/her around. Unnecessary interference or dominance leads to termination of relationship. So do not become over critical of their decisions.

Corporation; even if you are good at doing things on your own still ask for cooperation or involvement of the other partner. By doing so you both will be able to spend good time with each other. Always corporate with your partner when they need your assistance, help. Make your partner feel that you are always there for him/her.

Evolving your relationship; work towards developing and evolving your relationship to another level. Make time for your partner, spend time in understanding the new needs of relationship. Work towards fixing up the faults of your relationship. Watch your attitude and nature.

Make time for yourself. Do not forget to embrace yourself. Pamper yourself with the things you are fond of doing. Look after your beauty, pay attention to your inner self. By embracing yourself you will be better able to arrange your thoughts and this will also boost your self-confidence and your partner will admire you and love you for this.