Stylish men stay updated about the latest fashion trends and never shy away from trying accessories to highlight their looks and personality. In the past few years, the fashion trend that has gained popularity among men is using their facial hair as an accessory. You must have heard about the movements trending on social networks, such as No Shave November or Decembeard. Yes, these campaigns are introduced to give up the razor, raise funds and help the people affected by cancer. But it also came as an opportunity for men to grow out the facial hair and experiment with their looks.

Since the beginning of this campaign people are curious and taking more interest in it. Growing beard or facial hair is not just a way to enhance the look but an opportunity for men to express themselves. It says a lot about their style, who they are, and how they observe things in life. The beard makes guys look more mature, impressive, and powerful. Even women find those men more attractive who keep the beard. And with all the popularity that beard has gained over the time, we bet the trend is here to stay for a long time!!

Different men adopt different beard styles considering their features and shape of the face. For men with the narrow chin, Balbo style beard is the most preferred one. You need to grow a mustache for it which is combined with hair on the chin and a small patch under the lips. It gives a very stylish, confident, and bold look to the men.

The goatee is the most famous beard trend among youths. It can be paired with a mustache or without the mustache. Goatee style suits the men with small and round face and elevates a soft jawline. This style is easy to maintain and add a fun element to the man’s personality.

Circle beard is one of the most common beard styles among men, which is a combination of mustache and goatee beard style. It is perfect for the men who have oval or round shaped face. This type of beard requires a lot of maintenance, but if you can achieve the look, there’s nothing like it.

Stubble is one beard style that looks good on any face shape. If you are a man with a strong jawline, then stubble would be a win-win situation for you. Based on your style and the type of look you want you can keep the stubble with short, medium, and the long length. It is quite easy to maintain; you just need to trim regularly depending upon the length required.

Full beard style is preferred by men who like to have a full-on macho look. It looks good on the triangle or inverted-triangle shaped face. To achieve this style you need to grow hair almost all over your face. It gives a very mature and attractive look to a man’s personality.

To grow the type of beard that enhances your looks requires plenty of care and patience. Make sure you choose the right style considering your preference and the trend that is prevalent in the fashion world.