Once students enter the final year of school, the planning for college begins. The selection of the college and course depends largely upon the area of interest and future career possibilities. Many students become the part of the rat race and start applying for colleges without thinking once if they need it. Academic studies do help, but there is a huge difference between a course curriculum and ground level experience. Going to college is a great investment as it improves analytical abilities, but sometimes skipping college helps in gaining better real-life experience. Here we will discuss various reasons why it could be better to skip college and try some other ways to shape your career.

College Degree Does Not Promise a Job

By going to college students not only invest their time but an enormous amount of money as well. Theoretically, a college pass out must get lucrative job offers, but sadly, the real-time scenario is entirely different. According to surveys, a limited percentage of graduates receive the jobs in their chosen field with a good salary. Others just keep looking for jobs or have to satisfy with the ones that pay way too less. So, going to college is not a sure shot way of landing jobs anymore.

College Doesn’t Prepare For the Real World

Most of the students believe that their life will be sorted once they score a desired, high-paying job. But the truth is so much different!! The real struggle begins once you enter the big corporate world. Along with the knowledge and talent, there are other on-job skills that you need to develop to maintain your career. You need to be mentally prepared to handle the work pressure and maintain a work-life balance. Sadly, college doesn’t prepare you to deal with the real world issues.

Some Skills You Can Learn On Your Own

Several professions require a college degree, for example- Medical, Engineering, Law, etc. But there are some careers for which you can develop skills on your own. Like, to become a photographer, you can explore a lot through practical applications. To become a writer, you can develop your writing skills at home or by joining a short-term creative writing course.

Because You Don’t Like To Mug up Books

While some people are born scholarly, there are others who always keep a distance from books. If you belong to the latter category, then maybe college is not your cup of tea. Four years of college means studying big fat books and having a long list of submissions. With less interest in studies, there will be very slim chances of you surviving the college life. Even if you manage to complete the degree somehow, you won’t be job ready, and that will be an absolute waste of your productive years and money.

Start Your Venture

Some people like to follow and work as per instructions while others are just born to lead. If you have good business acumen and could be a better boss than an employee, why not put it to some good use. Instead of investing hard-earned money in education you can start a small business for yourself. Start off with the venture that you are good at and devote your 100% in it. Unlike a college degree, your business will have more chances of securing a stable future.

The factors mentioned above does not guarantee a success formula in life but only suggests to consider options other than joining college.