Colors have a unique quality to fill life in everything they are added. Everyone wants to shine and look gracious in the lovely colorful outfits. They accentuate the personality of the wearer and instantly lifts up the mood. But the real struggle most of the people face is how to come up with a stylish look to grab the attention. Mixing colors to create an elegant combination can be quite a task, so most of the people chose to go for the tried and tested color combination. Here we will help you understand how to pair colors to create stylish outfits so that you get an escape from the old and boring color formulas.

Use Colors Of The Same Family

It is one of the best options to choose from if you are not in a mood to experiment much with colors. You can pair the primary colors with primary ones for an eye-catching look, pastel shades with other pastels for a softer tone, and wear earthy tones with other earthy tones to stay warm during the cold season. This color pairing formula provides an opportunity to make the most of your wardrobe collection in every season.

Pair Different Shades Of Single Color

Pairing different shades of similar color provide the ‘ombre’ look that works perfectly fine for everyone. All you have to do is choose the color that compliments your skin tone. Start off with a lighter tone at the top and a darker shade at the bottom or vice-a-versa to create an ideal look. You can add some accessories to brighten up the entire look little bit.

Try Pairing Complementary Colors

Complementary colors mean the opposite colors. Have a look at the color wheel, and you will find that the colors at the opposite ends are complementary to each other. Try using the refreshing shades of contrast colors to assemble a unique outfit. For example- red paired with green, yellow with purple and blue with orange.

Experiment With The Analogous Colors

The colors that lie next to each other on the color wheel are called Analogous colors. Pairing red with orange or yellow with green matches perfectly and creates an excellent combination of the rocking outfits.

Play With Prints

Till now we have discussed mainly the solid colors. Here we will put some light on prints as well. You can choose two outfits with different prints sharing a single base color. Also, you can go for the same pattern for top and bottom wear in a larger and smaller scale. These prints give your personality a vibrant look. Try and pair the neutral prints with colorful prints for a lively yet sophisticated look.

Go All Stripes

It may sound a little weird covering your self in stripes from head to toe, but if can pull it off there’s nothing better than this combination. You need to be a little careful and smartly add in some accessories like a solid belt or handbag to accentuate the look.

Denim On Denim

Denim-on denim trend is the coolest of all, and it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. Try to layer the light shade with a dark one and throw a little colorful accessory to give prominence to the entire look. The colors of the outfit give a glamorous look to the personality, and it is a delight for the eyes.

We hope the ideas mentioned above help whenever you are in a dilemma to mix and match outfits on different occasions.