Humans are likely to experience several emotions in their everyday life. Some days could be colorful like the shades of a rainbow while others could be melancholic and dark. It is usual for people to feel sad once in a while because of the challenging and unfavorable situations of life but the period of sadness goes away after a few days. If sadness elongates for more than few weeks or months, that could be the sign of depression. The symptoms of depression are acute, occur on a regular basis and vary from person to person. In many cases, people don’t even realize they are suffering from depression, which makes it difficult to get the right help and treatment they may need. To create awareness about depression, we will discuss some of its symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored.

Loss of Interest

Depressed people lose interest in activities they used to enjoy earlier, such as fun activities, going out, playing sports, meeting friends, attending parties, etc. Loss of interest increases the feeling of seclusion that worsens the condition of depression.


Self-judgment could be highly useful if done healthily. People suffering from depression criticized themselves to the limit that has the destructive influence on their mind.

Anger Issues

Many times, when depressed, people are irritable, angry, and restless or even become violent. Most of the people having these symptoms, don’t realize the real cause behind them. Consulting a doctor or therapist is a wise step to sort out the anger issues and to deal with them.

Lack of Hope

Depression can lead to extreme hopelessness within a person, or sometimes lack of hope leads to the depression. Depressed people believe they will never get better or achieve anything in life, which prevent them from finding treatment for their problems.

Suicidal Thoughts

One of the most noticeable signs of depression is the thought of self-harm and suicide. People suffering from depression express suicidal thoughts and intentions. They are often found searching online the ways to harm or kills themselves.

Sleeping Problems

Struggling with sleeping disorders such as unable to fall asleep; sleep too much or difficulty in waking up at morning, etc. could be the symptoms of depression. Addressing the possible reasons behind the sleeping problems is a crucial step.

Low on Energy

Depression not only affects the emotional state but have a toll on the physical health as well. Depressed people are under constant stress, which makes them feel tired and physically exhausted. The lack of sleep and fatigue leads to body ache, digestion problems, high blood pressure, etc. They are constantly low on energy which affects their physical movement and reaction time.

Anxiety Attacks

Feeling nervous or getting anxious on particular occasions is a reasonable condition. But a depressed person is likely to have anxiety attacks more often over trivial things. They tend to over think about their problems and failures, which leads to utter hopelessness in their life.

Hard to Concentrate

People with depression struggle to concentrate on things for a long time and to stay focused. They suffer from memory loss and can’t remember where they have put the necessary things or documents. If your productivity has declined to a great extent and you are suffering from memory loss, there are chances you may be a victim of depression.

All the symptoms mentioned above plays a crucial role in identifying if a person is suffering from depression. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms or come across someone in your friends or family showing these signs, then it is high time to consult a doctor or psychiatrist. Consulting an expert will help in identifying the causes of depression and how to deal with it to lead a normal and happy life.