Flowers always brighten up the aura with their presence. Be it in a garden or inside the room, the bunch of fresh flowers make every place look perfectly beautiful. It is a great gift to show someone how much you love them and a perfect accessory to décor the living space. But once we bring the freshly cut flowers home, we start to worry about making them survive longer. With little efforts, care and a few smart tips, it is possible to make the flower arrangement last longer.

  1. Place the fresh cut flowers in warm water in a vase as soon as you get them. Make sure you wash the vase with a cleaning liquid to remove all the bacteria that may be possibly present in it. Keep changing the water of the vase regularly; if left for too long it can ruin the flowers.
  2. Try to cut the stems of the flowers at a 45-degree angle. It will help flowers quickly absorb water and nutrients. Don’t forget to trim the stem on a regular basis.
  1. Before putting flowers into the vase, trim the leaves present at the bottom of the stem that will be immersed in water. They may start to decay in water, which can contaminate the whole water.
  1. To provide the flowers with essential nutrients, you need to prepare food for them. Add two tablespoons of sugar into the water. It will provide nourishment to the flowers and help them bloom. Or add 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar in the water and mix it well. It will act as a preservative for the flowers, keep the water fresh for a long time and prevent the growth of bacteria in it.
  1. If you notice any wilted petal or leave in the flower arrangement, remove them as soon as possible. Dying flowers release harmful gas that can cause damage to the rest of the flowers.
  1. Never place the cut flowers in heat or direct sunlight. Always keep them in the cold areas to extend their life further. Keep the flowers away from other fruits and vegetables because the ethylene gas emitted by them can wither the flowers.
  1. Do not over water the flowers. It will not allow them to breathe adequately and perhaps stunt their growth.
  1. The flowers may get dehydrated with the heating or air conditioning inside the house. So, spray the flowers with water every day to maintain their moisture.
  1. Different types of flowers have diverse characteristics and require different nourishment. Keep the flowers with the specific condition in a different vase. Make sure you do a fair amount of research about flowers and their necessities before arranging them in a vase.

If you want your pretty flower arrangement to survive for long, then make sure to follow the tips mentioned above on a regular basis.